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An artist from Gdynia will decorate the Palace of Trade Unions in Vilnius

A Polish graphic designer, street art artist and designer Mariusz Waras will stay in Vilnius for the international street art festival “Vilnius Street Art” from 5th to 13th September this… Read more »

Children from the Šalčininkai region had an active summer

Children from the Šalčininkai region spent the summer break at holiday camps in Poland and Lithuania. They have visited many places and took part in sporting events. Art and music… Read more »

It does not matter ”whether” to remove Polish plates but ”how” to do it

Although the court recquires to remove the plates with Polish street names, it is unable to explain how the administrators of the Vilnius Region’s local government can actually do it… Read more »

The court has rejected Lucyna Kotłowska’s application

Vilnius Regional Administrative Court has rejected the application of Lucyna Kotłowska,  director of the Administration of Vilnius Region Local Government, concerned with the question of bilingual plates. Lucyna Kotłowska appealed… Read more »

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