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“Who are you?”– your passport will tell

Lithuanian citizens will be allowed to record their nationality in their passports. On Tuesday, President Dalia Grybauskaitė has signed the amendment to the Passport Law, adopted by the Seimas a… Read more »

Lithuanian court once again leaned over the matter of the Polish-Lithuanian boards

On Tuesday, August 5th, in Šalčininkai took place another court hearing on the boards of the Polish-Lithuanian names of streets in the area of Šalčininkai and on the accountability of… Read more »

Vice-mayor of the local government area of ​​Trakai became the Polish – Maria Pucz UPDATED

Vice-mayor of the local government area of ​​Trakai became Maria Pucz, the president of the branch of Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania in the Trakai and the president of… Read more »

Help from Radom for compatriots in Dieveniškės

Cooperation betweenDieveniškėsand Radom lasts for 10 years. Within its framework are organized children stays from Polish families from the district of Dieveniškėsin Poland. While, to Dieveniškėsreceive from Radom gifts collected… Read more »

The next meeting of the court concerning bilingual signs

InŠalčininkai, today (August 5th), will be held the next meeting of the court concerning  bilingual street signs on private homes. The director of the office of administration of local area… Read more »

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