• July 23, 2014
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Summer School of Art in Soleczniki

For a few days at the Cultural Center in Soleczniki classes are held at the Summer School of Art, led by artist painter from Gdansk Anna Szpadzińska-Koss. Children and adolescents from Soleczniki and surrounding countryside, and even from Vilnius during the 11th edition of the workshops will get to know  mysterious lands such as Atlantis and Paradise, and then they will present in their works what they have learned.

The classes conducted by Anna Szpadzińska-Koss are becoming more and more popular year by year. Participants of the previous editions of the early years ask their parents as soon as the summer begins when the Summer School of Art will start. One mother brings 4 children even from Vilnius, because – in her opinion – there is no such an interesting summer offer in the capital.

This year, the workshop held in Soleczniki are attended by over 60 children. The youngest child is only five years. In the afternoon, Anna Szpadzińska-Koss works with the small group of 15 children in Kamionka. Next week she is expected in Janczuny, where 20 children signed up for the classes.

Anna Szpadzińska-Koss every year comes up with another topic of the Summer School of Art. This year, the topic is “Legendary lands and places.” The trainer explains the children, what are the spatial forms, staffage, cosmogonies, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Atlantis, Paradise, which forms inhabited these lands. She shows how it was presented in art and literature.

“I think the kids like the topic because they are involved, listen carefully, work diligently . And then the really interesting works come into being” – said in the interview with “Wilnoteka” Anna Szpadzińska-Koss.

“I could not make it happen, without the help of the director of the Cultural Center of Soleczniki Grazyna Zaborowska and employees who are on every call, help in organization” – added Anna Szpadzińska-Koss. Summer School of Art is held with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poalnd, the Foundation “Assistance to Poles in the East”, the authorities of the City of Gdańsk and the self-government of Soleczniki.

The culmination of the Summer School of Art will be vernissage at the Cultural Center in Soleczniki, on 1st August.

Anna Szpadzińska-Koss’ dream is the release of the most interesting work of the participants in the form of – for example – a set of postcards. “I think that parents and grandparents of authors would be happy to purchase such cards, and the income from the sale could be spent on a good cause” – said Anna Szpadzińska-Koss.

Translated by Patrycja Pawłowska within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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