• July 9, 2014
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The descendant of Baliński line in Šalčininkai

The Šalčininkai district municipality hosted a descendant of Baliński and Śniadecki line Aleksandr Balinskij who brough to Jašiūnai i.e. materials for the building of a museum in Jašiūnai manor – we read on the website of Šalčininkai district.

Aleksandr Balinskij lives in Saint Petersburg and is a descendant of Jan (Iwan) Baliński, the son of Michał Baliński and Zofia Śniadecka – the first lecturer of psychiatry as a separate medical discipline in Russia, the founder of the first Russian psychiatric hospital in 1847. Starting from Jan Śniadecki, the founder of the estate in  Jašiūnai,  Aleksandr Balinskij is the seventh generation of this famous and deserving line. Aleksandr is 43 years old, runs a private legal activity. Till now he has been the deputy manager of the Registry Office of the Leningrad Oblast, ha was the executive of ZSA Holding “Forum”.

Kazimierz Karpicz, the headteacher of the Michał Baliński secondary school in  Jašiūnai made contact with Aleksandr. The guest accompanied by the headteacher met on Wednesday (9th July) with Zdzisławem Palewiczem, mayor of the Šalčininkai district municipality. During the meeting Aleksandr presented his own professional activity, his ties with the descendants of the Baliński line, talked about the museum of Iwan Baliński who was accepted as one of the most prominent psychiatrists in the Military Medical Academy in Saint Petersburg.

“I am glad that I had the opportunity to visit the lands of my ancestors. At the same time I would like to thank the authorities of the local government for preserving the history of Baliński and Śniadecki line, and what is immensely gratifying is the fact that a museum of my ancestors is being built in Jašiūnai. I would also like to offer my help in its creation” said Aleksandr Balinskij during the meeting with the mayor of the Šalčininkai district municipality.

The guest from Saint Petersburg visited the manor and family cemetery in Jašiūnai, the ruins of Paulavos Republic and also the capital of Lithuania – Vilnius during his visit in Šalčininkai district .

Translated by Alicja Dudzik within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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