• July 9, 2014
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From Ejszyszki to Ostra Brama to save family. Videos

More than 120 pilgrims participated in the XXIV Pedestrian Pilgrimage Ejszyszki-Ostra Brama. During 4 days they have to traverse about 100-kilometer route. The motto of this year’s pilgrimage is ‘Family – strong by God’.

‘In our faith we join with bishops of Lithuania who together with other Christian churches in Lithuania proclaimed 2014 Year of Family. We all understand that now more and more clearly are visible attacks on the traditional family model. Therefore, the goal of our pilgrimage is praying for families and thinking about family values. We want young people to love their families and protect them’, said the organizer of the pilgrimage, priest Wiktor Kudriaszow. ‘”During this year’s pilgrimage in a special way we pray for families where are problems, families which are looking forward to having kids. We also pray for the families that we meet on the route of the pilgrimage and which take us in their homes’, added priest Wiktor Kudriaszow.

Among the pilgrims are people of all ages: children, youth, adults and elderly people. Some go with their whole families. Pilgrims set off from Ejszyszki on Monday morning. On the first day they traversed the road from Ejszyszki through Dojlidy, Janczuny, Butrymańce, Gierwiszki to Soleczniki. On the second day they traversed a road from Soleczniki through Kamionka to Turgiele.

As said priest Wiktor Kudriaszow in an interview for ‘Wilnoteka’ the participants of the pilgrimage are annoyed with heat but they are really ‘rested, happy and in a good mood’.

The XXIV Pedestrian Pilgrimage Ejszyszki-Ostra Brama reaches Ostra Brama on July 10 at 13.30.

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