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Trusewicz: We want to discuss a real text not a blank page (Small ethnic groups are afraid of Russian and Polish domination)

Representatives of smaller ethnic groups and national minorities are concerned that Russians and Poles will dominate other national minorities thanks to the new legislation about national minorities. However, junior minister… Read more »

Joanna Moro wants to record an album

A known Polish actress of young generation Joanna Moro, who was born in Vilnius, plans on recording an album. It is supposed to be an album with Anna German’s songs…. Read more »

Kamiński: Soon there will be monitoring next to the Marshal’s mausoleum

Last year, the mausoleum in the Rasos Cementary where lie Marshal Józef Piłsudski’s mother and his heart was twice vandalised. The authorities of Vilnius, together with the Electoral Action of… Read more »

Vilnius and Warsaw – the celebrations of the anniversary of the city-to-city cooperation

To mark the 15th anniversary of the cooperation between two cities – Vilnius and Warsaw – Warsaw Days will be celebrated in the capital city of Lithuania. The cooperation agreement… Read more »

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