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‘Lithuania is facing Polish occupation’ – the new face of Lithuanian nationalism

Polish occupation threatens Lithuania. To counter this, the country should become the place of a national revolution that has already started and is in progress now, and it is only… Read more »

Poetry – is a guest at Kieńskiej Primary School

In a Sunny, spring day on 26th  March brought together many came poetry lovers who came to Kieńskiej elementary school. That day he was reciting contest District students 1-4 classes… Read more »

‘Kurier Wileński’ beauty contest: before the curtain rises

On Sunday, April 14th, Palace of Culture and Sport in Vilnius will be hosting Polish girls from Vilnius region who are competing for the honorable title of ‘Kurier Wileński Girl… Read more »

Siemoniak: The issues concerning the national minorities are important. However, military men have their own cooperation principles.

Poland expects that the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union will strengthen common security and defence policy, stated Poland’s Minister of National Defence Tomasz Siemoniak. The Minister… Read more »

The Knights to the rescue for the hospice in Vilnius

In a week on 20 April In Radom will be held a Knight’s Charity Concert Radom Chamber Orchestra to operate Hospice error. Fr. Michael Sopoćko in Vilnius. The organizers of… Read more »

Tarasiewicz: Polish media in Lithuania dispose of a very short list of subjects for discussion

Conflicts are the best sellers in the contemporary media. Reaching agreement is not very popular nowadays, said  at the interview for Polish Journalists Association Stanisław Tarasiewicz, well known Polish journalist,… Read more »

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