• April 28, 2015
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20th anniversary of PAG ‘Znad Wilii’: We could unite Poles, befriend Lithuanians

Polish Art Gallery ‘Znad Wilii’ celebrates twenty years of work. ‘Anniversary-reminiscing meeting’ to celebrate it will take place on 3 May.

‘PAG ‘Znad Wilii’ for short, commonly – Polish Gallery. And why artistic? Well, to emphasise the interdisciplinary nature of the institution. Here there is a place for music, poetry, meetings and conversation, for work with children and youth’ – in an interview for zw.lt said founder and director of the gallery, Wanda Mieczkowska.

‘One can refer to the statistics, mentioning hundreds of exhibitions, organized in the span of 20 years in Vilnius, in Poland (dozens of exhibitions), in many countries of Europe, as well as overseas, refer to the meetings with outstanding people, boast of high places in rankings and awards – we are however most delighted by the fact that the institution could unity wonderful people around it – Poles, befriend Lithuanians, artists of other nationalities, create its image, together with the mood, so important for the presence of art’ – adds Mieczkowska.

‘Here happen the exhibitions of newcomers, anniversary presentations of experienced and renowned artists. In short, it is an address where we define our Polish character through a wider national context, cultivating traditions, in which Vilnius art thrived for centuries’ – concludes the owner of the gallery.

‘Reminiscing’ meeting, to which the gallery invites all of its enthusiasts, friends, artists, sponsors and clients, will take place on 3 May (Sunday) at 3 p.m..

Translated by Antonina Górka within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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