Maria Rekść: we want the school to be as close to the pupil as possible

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In October inaugural ceremonies of the middle school were held at three schools of the Vilnius district. Over all 15 schools have the status of the middle school in the capital region. In November another inauguration will be held at the Saint Stanisława Kostka middle school in Podbrzezie.

” We are very pleased with this result. It is a great achievement of our district. The self-government has always wanted the school to be as close to the pupil as possible and we are creating all the necessary conditions for our children to get the secondary education. Being granted the status of a middle school means that our schools have a future and can develop farther “, told our portal the mayor of the Vilnius district Maria Rekść.

In October inauguration ceremonies of the middle school were held at three schools that are managed by the self-government of the Vilnius district: in J. Obrembski middle school, the Grand Duke Olgierd of Mejszagoła middle school and at the only school in Lithuania that is named after the well-known Lithuanian teacher the Meilė Lukšienė middle school in Mariampol.

There will be another inauguration on the 20th November at the Saint Stanisława Kostka middle school in Podbrzezie, and in April 2015 at St Urszula Ledóchowska middle school in Black Forest.

“One should emphasize that the education is a priority in the Vilnius district. There is a constant increase of the percentage of renovated schools in the Vilnius district. In this year’s ranking of self-governments the Vilnius district has one of the leading positions out of 60 self-governments, in the last year we renovated 43.4 percent of the educational institutions. This indicator is in the Vilnius district even better than in the capital. Of course we try to improve the financial base of our institutions and that is not limited to equipping middle schools. It is important for every school in the district to be attractive and competitive, to have good premise conditions and be equipped in interactive boards, computers and other essential equipment”, said Rekść.

Altogether the status of the middle school has 15 schools in the capital region.

“In the near future two more schools will be applying for the status of the middle school in our district: secondary school in Mickuny and the secondary school in Rukojnie. One should notice, that majority of the still not-accredited secondary schools of the Vilnius district (I mean the secondary school in Ławaryszki, which was supposed to be accredited in the 1st term of this year, but with the decision of the Department of Education and Sciences the accreditation was put off, and the accreditations planned for the 2nd term of this year: the St Jan Bosko school in Jałówka,the Juliusz Słowacki school in Bezdany, Bujwidze, the St Kazimierz school in Miedniki and other) meets the accreditation criteria”, said the mayor of the Vilnius district.

She noticed that the Accreditation Committee takes a lot of factors into account, among others: the achievements of pupils through their participation in the Olympics of different kinds, competitions, projects, results of the Polish school-leaving examinations, regularity of attending lessons, number of maturity certificates received over the last three years, qualifications of the teachers and the administration of the school, adequate teaching and methodological assistance for pupils with accordance to the program of the secondary school and of course financial base of an educational institution.

In 2015 the plan of the reorganization of the network of schools in Lithuania is supposed to be fulfilled. Secondary schools which programs won’t pass the accreditation process, will be converted into primary schools or after-middle-school schools.

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