A collection for Rasos will be held in Poznań

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On All Saints’ Day, in Poznań, on graveyards Junikowo and Miłostowo, a collection will be held for saving the destroyed gravestones on the Vilnius Graveyard on Rasos. Social Committee “Poznaniacy Rossie i …” is organizing such an action for the fifteenth time. This year funds will be collected for the renovation of tombs of the well-deserved Vilnius Burhardt family.

The first action for Rasos was organized in Poznań in 2000. Rev. Edmund Jaworski, parish priest of the parish of St Kazimierz in Gułtowy initiated it. Within 14 years during collections on Poznań graveyards above 393 thousand zlotys have been collected. A dozen or so gravestones on the Graveyard on Rasos have been restored. The money collected in 2013 was used to restore the roof of the Jasieńscy family chapel.

“This year the collection will be held with the thought of the renovation of the gravestone of the Burhardt family”, said Ryszard Liminowicz, chairman of the Society of Enthusiasts of Vilnius and the Vilnius Area in Poznań, co-organizer of the collection.

Graves of the Burhardt family are placed on a so-called Eastern Rasos. On the grave of Dr. Michał Burhardt, who was a doctor and a January insurgent, there is a magnificent monument of the Christ praying in the Garden of Gethsemane. It is a work of Bolesław Bałzukiewicz, famous Vilnius sculptor, professor of the Stefan Batory University. In the 1980s this monument was being restored, but it was done incompetently.

Organizers of the Poznań collection hope that they will manage to collect funds for renovating the historic monument. The collection on graveyards Junikowo and Miłostowo will take place on 1st November, from 10.00 to 16.00 o’clock.

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