• August 20, 2014
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More freshmen in Polish schools in Lithuania

It is predicted that in this school year 28 thousand of freshmen will start learning in all schools in Lithuania – a thousand more than last year. In the previous year, 27 thousand of freshmen began the school year. In Polish schools a slight increase in this number was noted.

This year more than 1055 freshmen will cross the threshold of Polish schools. However, it is an initial data and we will know the exact number only on 1st of September, as the vice chairman of the Association of Polish schools in Lithuania “Macierz Szkolna” Krystyna Dzierżyńska pointed out in an interview with the portal L24.

“The data that was collected in June in schools shows that in a new year we will have 1055 freshmen in Polish schools. This number is slightly higher than last year, when 1030 freshmen were taught in Polish schools,” said K. Dzierżyńska.

As it is assumed, this year more than 13 thousand of pupils will go to Polish schools while in all schools in Lithuania will be taught 343 thousand of pupils. Among them there will be 30,5 thousand of high-school graduates. In 2013, 357,5 thousand of students attended to all schools of the country.

Translated by Anna Piecha within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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