• August 15, 2014
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Family Festival in Kowalczuki unites all generations

15th jubilee-like family festival ”Welcome, Holy Virgin”  in Kowalczuki began with a Holy Mass, eagerly attended by a large number of younger and elder parisioners.

”Today’s celebration makes all of us truly delighted, for we gather in our church like one big family” said priest Jan Czerniawski,  parson of the Szumsk Parish during the Holy Mass. What he emphasised was that Holy Mary-like every mother, expects all of us, her children, to lead good and fair lives and, above all, she wants us to unconditionally trust God and love him. ”Holy Mary is the mother of us all, hence she awaits everyone to listen to their problems and lend a helping hand”- convinced the preacher, calling the Ascension Day ” Marian Easter”.

The priest blessed wraths, flowers, herbs and first-fruit of the  crop laid by people in front of the altar.

After the Mass everyone adjourned to the square adjacent to the District Head’s Office for further celebrations.

The district’s inhabitants were congratulated on occasion of their jubilee by numerous visitors, who arrived to accompany them.

”If the family remains stable and strong, our society is going to be strong as well. Therefore I would like to thank you for taking care of families, their well-being and, for promoting tradition together with Christian values”- said the leader of the Lithuanian Poles Electoral Action and member of the European Parliament Waldemar Tomaszewski, grateful to the  society of  Kowalczuki District for their activeness and excellent organisation during  election time.

Maria Rekść, mayor of the region with family,  Albert Narwojsz, vice-director of the Vilnius Region Administration, Edmund Szot, the manager of Department for Culture, Tourism and Sport, and the councillors: Teresa Dziemieszko and Halina Muszkiet, have also been present at the celebrations.

” I would like to wish all the inhabitants of this district all the best. Let Holy Virgin, the guardian of families, care for your own families. Let them have strong spirits and be based upon love, respect and mutual understanding”- the mayor was saying, thanking the district head for this beautiful initiative of  celebration, which brings together various social environments.

Stanisław Ciechanowicz, president of the Voluntary Fire Brigade in Lenarty and some representatives of the Knyszyn District were the Polish guests invited to partake in the celebrations.”Only the nation caring for tradition has chances to survive”- said Stanisław Ciechanowicz.

All the inhabitants and guests will have entertainment provided by both local bands, i.a. ”Przyjaciółki”, ”Cantata”, ”Guzik” children’s band, ”Melodia”, ”Mościszanka” from Mościszki, and special guests from abroad, such as the Polish band ”Knyszynianki” from the Knyszyn District.

Apart from listening and watching numerous concerts, the participants will also have the opportunity to partake in sports contests, games, competitions, lottery or, taste regional food prepared by local women. Children will also be satisfied, because plentiful attractions have been prepared especially for them. In the evening there is going to be a disco for everyone wanting to have some fun.

On occasion of the jubilee, the District Office’s employees have prepared a surprise for both local people and all the guests. Indeed, during celebration presentation of the small book about the district ”Welcome to the Kowalczuki District in the Vilnius Region” is going to be held.

Initiated and organised by Kowalczuki District’s authorities, the festival ”Welcome, Holy Virgin” have been accepted as an integral part of the district parties’ calendar, annually gathering, youngsters, elder people and whole families. Teresa Worobiej

Translated by Katarzyna Piskorz within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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