• August 15, 2014
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Double celebration in Turgeliai

On August 15, all roads lead to Turgeliai, where Blessed Mother of the Herbs or Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is solemnly celebrated. This year,  during the day of Blessed Mother of the Herbs was also held a Confirmation, therefore, to Turgeliai came not only the inhabitants of the parish, but also of other areas.

The celebration started with the Mass  in the church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Turgeliai. The mass was celebrated by suffragan of the Archdiocese of Vilnius Arūnas Poniškaitis together with the parish priest of Turgeliai – Jan Mackiewicz and the  director of the introductory course of St. Joseph seminary in Vilnius – priest Valentinas Sziusza.

Built in 1511 the first wooden church in Turgieliai gathered residents to ask the Blessed Virgin Pannny  for good harvest and blessings of God. As every year,  the faithful brought herbs, bouquets of flowers, vegetables and fruit to sacrifice.

After a solemn service, participants of the feast to the sounds of a brass band from the S. Moniuszko School of Fine Arts in Šalčininkai, went to the stadium of PK Brzostowski Secondary School, where for the guests were already waiting the housewives from the county of Turgeliai. crisp pastry fried in hot oil, gingerbread, biscuits, pancakes, cheese, meats, beverages, fruits – all prepared by hard-working residents of the county. Beautifully decorated were also homesteads of the hosts. Each was unique.

During the feast blacksmith’s products were presented by the pupils of School of Technology and Business in Dieveniškės.

While holding a loaf of bread the governor of Turgieliai district – Wojciech Jurgielewicz – traditionally welcomed all gathered. Then he offered bread to all the guests.

The deputy mayor of Šalčininkai local government – Andrzej Andruszkiewicz turned to the gathered people. He thanked the farmers for their hard work on not very fertile, but the native land.

The delegation from the Poland also participated in the festival. Members of the Wroclaw branch of the Association “Odra-Niemen” organized activities for children in which the juvenile residents actively participated.

During the event performed the folk band “Turgielanka”, Song and Dance Ensemble “Ejszyszczanie” the band “Krasowianka” from Poland, the band “Ratilai” from Vilnius, vocal group and orchestra “Bielyje Rosy” from Belarus.

Translated by Patrycja Pawłowska within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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