• August 13, 2014
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In Kowalczuki – the jubilee festivities “Welcome, Holy, Assumed into Heaven”

On Friday, August 15, will be held in Kowalczuki traditional family festivities “Welcome, Holy Assumed into Heaven.” It will be a jubilee, fifteenth edition of the ceremony, which is a mark of the district.

In the celebration of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary already for the 15th time family festival “Welcome, Holy Assumption” will be held in Kowalczuki. The festivities permanently has a place in the calendar of events of the district.

As  the originator of the event – the governor of Kowalczuki – Krystyna Gierasimowicz said, the first festivities were held in 2000, when on August 15 – the celebration of Our Lady of Assumption – was announced as a day off from work. The first festivities were held in Šumskas at the church, the next – took place already in Kowalczuki at the county building.

During this year’s anniversary festivities a lot things are planned. Performances of bands, blessing in the church and the presentation of wreaths from every village of the district, sport competition, tasting of local specialties of housewives, games, contests, lottery, attractions for children, disco – the organizers made sure that the festivities attract younger and older. The people participating in the festivities  will be able to see the performances of not only local bands, including “Przyjaciolki”, “Kantata”, children’s band “Guzik”, “Mościszczanka” from Mostiškės, but also guests from Poland – band “Knyszynianki” from the district of Knyszyn.
Feast will be held on the square in front of the county building. The event begins at 15.00. The ceremony will begin with a Thanksgiving Mass in the local church. Harvest wreaths will be placed in front of the altar ​​in gratitude for this year’s crop.
On the occasion of the jubilee festivities district staff prepared a surprise for the residents and guests of the district. During the fest, the book about the district titled “District of Kowalczuki in the Vilnius region invites” will be presented.
“We are very pleased that the employees of the county managed to publish a book. It contains a lot of pictures and brief information about our district. During the festivities, the publication will be given as a gift to participants and guests of the event “- said Gierasimowicz, inviting everyone to Kowalczuki for the jubilee festival” Welcome Holly, Assumed to Heaven”.

Translated by Patrycja Pawłowska within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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