• July 18, 2014
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Summer Camp of Centre of Disabled Persons in Niemenczyn

This year, from 7th  to 11th July,  patients of Day Care Centre of Disabled Persons in Niemenczyn visited the yard  “Antalakaja”, established in a regional park Labanoras, located in the Malacki region. For this wonderful gift celebrating  the 10th anniversary of the center , the visitors and the staff of the Day Care Centre of Disabled Persons in Niemenczyn would like to thank MEPs Waldemar Tomaszewski and his wife Viola Tomaszewska.

The camp was attended by not only the visitors of the center and the staff, but also by volunteers.  The 5-day camp was full of both passive and active recreation: vacationers sailed on boats, swam in the lake, enjoyed catching fish, played volleyball, basketball and the children were playing on the swings. Everybody was pleased to be able to enjoy the sun, water, fresh air and wonderful pleasures of nature. After an eventful day, campers visited the bath house, where they could relax and have a rest. Long evenings the participants spent around the campfire, singing, dancing and playing games, during which visitors along with volunteers were trained on how to consolidate a team. Everybody was impressed especially with watching a movie outdoors.

During the camp holidaymakers visited the Museum and the Museum of Malacki and also Museum of fishing lakes, in which they saw a lot of fishing gear, antique items, a variety of stuffed animals from different parts of the world and  they learned about the life of a fisherman. Everybody enjoyed this important and interesting tour.

The patients and the staff of the center would like to thank for the opportunity to rest in the yard, new experiences, positive emotions and spending pleasant time together  to MEPs Waldemar Tomaszewski and his wife Viola Tomaszewska. They would also like to thank the hosts of homestead  “Antalakaja” for the warm welcome, care and refreshments and the volunteers who were together and helped during the camp.

Photo1: This was the unique holiday, which patients will remember for a long time
Photo2: All the people were in good mood during the stay they enjoyed their holiday

Translated by Patrycja Pawłowska within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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