• July 15, 2014
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New Vilnius Avant-garde in a prestigious anthology

“Anthology of contemporary poetry titled “Niosący słowa” (lit. Carrier of the words) came out and reached Vilnius” – wrote on its Facebook account the New Vilnius Avant-garde which appeared in the anthology among many other distinguished poets.

The New Vilnius Avant-garde appeared in the second volume of contemporary poetry anthology “Niosący słowa” published in June in London because of its activity in various poetic festivals – both in Vilnius and in London (e.g. Slavic Poetry Festival).

“We didn’t expect to appear in the anthology, because such editions include individual poets, not poetry groups” – said Marzena Maćkojć, co-founder of the New Vilnius Avant-garde.

The author of the anthology Frederick Rossakovsky–Lloyd supports the youth and inventiveness. He was very interested in what happens here in Vilnius and proposed to write two or three pages about us” – said Marzena Maćkojć.

The members of the New Vilnius Avant-garde feel distinguished. It is their first introduction as a group, because, as Marzena says, usually only few authors were mentioned individually.

“Never before the poetry group has been mentioned on such a large scale. We are delighted and grateful. We hope that because of the anthology we will be recognized by more poets, but for now it’s a big surprise for us” – emphasized the co-founder.

Currently the members of the New Vilnius Avant-garde prepare for the International Poetic Festival “Niosący słowa” which will take place not only in Poland, but at the end of September also in Vilnius.

“Niosący słowa” is an anthology consisting of two volumes written by Frederick Rossakovsky–Lloyd. The second volume of the polish emigration poetry is a continuation of a worldwide known lyrical series. The first volume was sold out in a course of a month, which on the poetry market is described as a “wonder”.

Translated by Maciej Jóźwiak within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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