• June 27, 2014
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Festival named after Czeslaw Milosz in Kiejdany and Szetejny

Festival named after Czeslaw Milosz has just begun in Kiejdany. For the first time within the ongoing program there is a science conference, discussion and a visit in Szetejny – nobel prize winner’s family town, as well as jazz and klezmer concerts.

“It is good to be born in a small town where nature is human, matched up to a man where different languages and religions were interweaving with each other within the centuries. What I mean is Lithuania, the ground of myths and poetry”, said Czeslaw Milosz during the ceremony of obtaining his nobel prize on 8th of December in 1980 in Stockholm. The future nobel prize winner was born in Szetejny near Kiejdany in 1911.

Nobel prize winners’ words  became an inspiration for organizing the festival named after Czeslaw Milosz in Kiejdany. The festival begun on 27th of June and within its schedule there was the science conference “Czeslaw Milosz as a phenomenon of identity” involving scientists from the University of Warsaw, University of Witold Wielki in Kowno, History Institute of Litwa and Lithuanian Literature and Folkore Institute. For the second day of the festival there were plans concerning a discussion on the topic “Czeslaw Milosz, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Centre of Europe”.

Organizers of the festival named after Czeslaw Milosz, Museum of Kiejdanska Ground among the others, prepared interesting cultural schedule: an evening of Czeslaw Milosz poetry, jazz concert performed by Lithuanian musicians: Arkadija Gotesmana and Petrasa Vyšniauskasa and klezmer music performed by Klezmer Band of Sejneński Theater.

Translated by Edyta Zarzeczna within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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