• June 24, 2014
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‘They, similarly to soldiers, died with a Polish eagle on the cap’. Searching for tombs of before-war policemen in Kresy

The Association of Care for Tombs of Policemen on the East, headquartered in Warsaw, asks for help in searching for graves of policemen of the II RP on the territory of current Lithuania.

The aim of the Association is to list tombs of policemen left till today, to find places of burying of policemen of the II RP and to try to mark them with dignity and to commemorate them.

‘We know that these are the last moments when we can talk with before-war citizens of Kresy, who could show us such tombs’ – we read in the appeal of members of the Association.

The period of the II RP, so as well the time of Polish-Bolshevik war and not always calm inter-wars time, as well as the tragic September 1939 caused the fact that on the number of cemeteries in Kresy appeared graves of people in dark blue uniforms.

They also, similarly to soldiers, died with a Polish eagle on the cap, and repeatedly with a rifle in a hand. They also desire memory, and their graves – appearance and respect – write members of the Association of Care for Tombs of Policemen on the East.

The Association highlights that they treat social work seriously and that it brings real effects.

‘In the year 2013 we managed to renovate the forgotten grave of Władysław Sobolewski – the officer of National Police who died in the inter-wars period. He was a high-rank policeman and a scientist. Till today his research is the base for criminology – we read in the appeal og members of the Association.

We will be grateful for any help, information, or even suggestion about the localization of before-war graves of policemen. Any information for this case, please write: […] – appeal members of the Association.

Translated by Ewelina Filonik within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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