• March 8, 2013
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The Council approved the budget of local government, authorized the construction of multi-purpose community centres in Niemenczyn and Rudomin

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On February 28, at the meeting of the Vilnius Region’s government the budget was finally approved.

The total amount of income is more than 170 080 000 litas (projected income, special grant target, the environmental protection funds, the municipal waste program, financial institutions revenue and more than 9 250 000 litas of loans that have been incurred for the implementation of investment projects). On the performance of its functions in 2013, the government budget has been allocated more than 94 260 000 litas, slightly more than 35 455 000 litas will fund state functions (given to local governments), to fund student basket – almost 50 980 000 Lt, a special program of environmental protection – 370 000 Lt, for the financing of the budget revenues program — more than 2 390 000 Lt, to finance public investment programs – 875 000. Lt. 575 000 Lt from the state investment programs was spent on the construction and renovation of the schools in Pogiry Mejszagola, and 300 000 Lt — for the development and modernization of radiological services. Director of Administration was granted the right to dispose 1 million litas, which (after examining the proposals of all governors) will be directed to the villages.

Councillors approved the establishment of multi-purpose community centers in Niemenczyn and Rudomin. Here, the residents will be able to develop their spiritual culture and national self-awareness, cultivate their creativity, relax. Missions that will be provided to obtain additional sources of funding (EU structural funds, funds of the Ministry of Culture of Lithuania, et al.).

On March 30, 2012, the Council of the Vilnius Region’s Government approved a list of commercial services in the territory, in which, after appropriate authorization of the mayor,  it will be possible to carry out trade or provide services. During the Council’s meeting on February 28, after taking into account the conclusions and proposals of the residents, the councilors approved the project developed by the Department of Economics and Assets, which included a proposal to establish additional space to provide services and conduct commerce in the City of Niemenczyn.

To implement the law provided in the Act on Local Government of the Republic of Lithuania’s independent local governments, and to ensure the availability of informal education of children, the Council approved a mode of admission of pupils to informal learning institutions in the Vilnius region and of determining the number of students. This mode specifies the informal programs to teach children and their duration, the conditions for the admission of students, the order making up groups, and the age of students. It is important to determine the number of students attending institutions of informal education in the region of Vilnius for a more rational use of funds from the government budget.

During the Council’s meeting there was approved the request of secondary school in Awiżenie for a name change and approval of regulations. In autumn 2012, the high school in Awiżenie there was conducted an assessment of the curriculum, during which the assessing group proposed tp the Accreditation Commission to accredit the secondary education curriculum that is implemented by the school. After the accreditation, there will be established a gymnasium in Awiżenie.

Source: http://kurierwilenski.lt/2013/03/08/podczas-posiedzenia-rady-zatwierdzono-budzet-samorzadu-zezwolono-budowe-wielofunkcyjnych-osrodkow-kultury-w-niemenczynie-i-rudominie/

Tłumaczenie Emil Iracki w ramach praktyk w Europejskiej Fundacji Praw Człowieka, www.efhr.eu. Translated by Emil Iracki the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu. 


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