• March 4, 2013
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The budgets of local districts were approved

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At the end of February the local councils of Vilnius and Solecznicki region approved the budgets for this year. In both local governments the most resources will be allocated for an education.

Self-government of Vilnius region forecasts that the revenues  will amount to more than 175 080 300 Lithium. This sum is composed of so many elements: incomes, special grants, incomes from the program of protection of the environment, local charges on the implementation of manures, receipts of the budget companies and the loan of more than 9 252 700 Lithium which will be used for the implementation of local investments.

Vilnius self-government will allocate 94 261 100 Lithium for an implementation of their own functions as a local government and 34 455 300 Lithium will be destined on financial functions of the self-government.

50 979 000 Lithium will be invested in education and 370 000 Lithium in the special program connected with the protection of the environment. The revenues of budgetary institutions for the implementation of programs will amount to 2 392 000 Lithium and the next 875 000 Lithium will be implemented to finance public investment programs. From that last amount approximately 575 000 Lithium will be destined for the construction and the renovation of two schools: in Mejszagole and in Pogiry, and 300 000 Lithium for the development and the modernization of radiological services.

The self-government council of Vilnius region accredited the superintendent of the Administration of the Local Government to dispose 1 000 000 Lithium on the aims connected with different localities after the examining the petition from the Mayors.

In Solecznicki region the planned revenues will amount to 73 222 700 Lithium. The expenses were divided into ten programs Most of the funds, as every year, will be spent on an educational program: it will be 38 364 400 Lithium.

The program of the implementation of social protection will cost 18 105 800 Lithium. Third – according to the needed money – will be the program of the general government services – it will amount to 7 835 600 Lithium.

The program of the implementation of recreational, cultural and religious aims will cost 2 936 300 Lithium, municipal and residential services will cost 1 700 800 Lithium. Another areas funded by the self-government are connected with public order and the protection of the society (10 414 400 Lithium), the protection of the environment (200 000 Lithium), the protection of the health (145 200 Lithium) and the expenses connected with the military services (52 100 Lithium).

Local councilors of Solecznicki Region unanimously voted in favor of the budget.

Based on: vrsa.lt, salcininkai.lt

Source: http://www.wilnoteka.lt/pl/artykul/budzety-samorzadow-rejonow-zatwierdzone

Tłumaczenie Diana Omiljaniuk w ramach praktyk w Europejskiej Fundacji Praw Człowieka, www.efhr.eu. Translated by Diana Omiljaniuk the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu. 


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