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The best schools and teachers of 2012.

Laureates of the 18th contest’s editon titield „ the best school and the best teacher” Photo by . wilnoteka.lt

The society of teachers of Polish schools in Lithuania “ Macierz Szkolna” announced the results of the contest for the best polish schools in Vilnius region and the best teachers of the itemized school’s subjects. The contest takes the advantages of the differences which are between schools in villages and the cities. There are also different criteria of grading. The best polish school in Vilnius is  Gymnazjum dedicated to Adam Mickiewicz. In category of regional schools in cities the first place took Gimnazjum dedicated to K. Parczweskiego in Niemenczyn(Vilnius Region). In category of regional school there were two winners: high school dedicated to Saint Kazimierz in Miedniki (Vilnius Region) and high school dedicated to M. Balinski in Jaszuny( Solecznicki Region). There were also commendation given for:  Gimnazjum dedicated to John Paul II and High School dedicated to Wl. Syrkomlia (Vilnius), Gimnazjum dedicated to J. Sniadeckiego in Solecznicki – category of regional city, High School dedicated to A. Mickiewicz in Dziewieniszki (Soleczniczki Region), High School in Awizenine and High School in Mickuny( Vilnius region) – category regional school.

Beyond the main category were high schools and Gimnazja were graded also  the results of final exams and school’s contests were very important in this contest. Among those school’s contests elementary schools and progimnazja were awarded in the contest. Likewise in the main category  also in grading other school there were important awards in last two years( academic years 2010/2011,2011/2012). The list of laureates is a bit shorter than a list of working schools:

1. Elementary school in Jerozomilka (Vilnius city)
2. Progimnazjum Dedicated to John Paul II Vilnius city)
3. Elementary school in Dajnowo (Solecznicki region)
4 Elementary school w Male Soleczniczki (Solecznicki region)
5 Elementary school w Dukszty(Vilnius region)
6. Elementary school w Szumsk (Vilnius region)
7. Elementary school dedicated to A. Stelmachowski in Stare Troki (Trocki region)

There is a great amount of honored teachers every year who’s work and anticipation were appreciated. The apple of the eye of Polish schools in Lithuania are polish teachers who have more work every year and since native language was deleted from the credited exam list their work seems like uphill job. In this year’s edition the best teachers became :

1. Elwira Bielawska – Gimnazjum dedicated to A. Mickiewicza (Vilnius city)
2. Lucyna Jaglińska – High school dedicated to  Sz. Konarski (Vilnius city)
3. Łucja Czetyrkowska – High School dedicated to J.I. Kraszewski (Vilnius city)
4. Anna Bartoszko – High school dedicated to  Saint St. Kostka in Podbrzezie (Vilnius region)
5. Anna Burbo –High School in  Ławaryszki (Vilnius region)
6. Edyta Jaselionis – High School dedicated to A. Krepsztul in Butrymańce (Solecznicki region)
7. Walentyna Dulko – High school dedicated to  P.K. Brzostowskiin Turgiele (solecznicki region)

The view of standardization of the final exam at the end of high school from Lithuanian Language also put the Lithuanian teachers in bad situation. In two years’ time they need to cover the material which is supposed to be covered in 6 years’ time. This is what Lithuanian teachers have for this material in Lithuanians schools. Stake of work for the Polish teachers  will be the fate of the closest graduating years. Here is the list of the best Lithuanians teachers:

1. Aurelija Varkauskaitė – Gimnazjum dedicated to A. Mickiewicz (Vilnius City)
2. Lina Činčiūvienė – Gimnazjum dedicated to John Paul II (Vilnius city)
3. Audronė Balčiūnaitė-Markova – Gimnazjum dedicated to  K. Parczewski in Niemenczyn (Vilnius region)
4. Nadiežda Maslauskaitė – High school dedicated to saint  Kazimierza in Miedniki (Vilnius region)
5. Albinas Lazauskas – High school in Mickuny (Vilnius region)
6. Anna Mackiel – Gimnazjum dedicated to  saint  Rafał Kalinowski in Niemież (Vilnius region)
7. Łucja Mickiewicz-Ozarowska – High school dedicated to  M. Baliński in Jaszune (soleczniczki region)

In bad situation after the novelization of the act about education are also teachers of History and geography. Some part of the courses which are about the Lithuania have to teached in Lithuanian Language. This makes our schools conforms polish schools in Lithuania to Soviet or Cesar’s school when Poles were teaching Poles in Russian. The laureates of this year’s contest in the best teacher of history are:

1. Maryna Taraszkiewicz – High school dedicated to  Wł. Syrokomli (Vilnius city)
2. Czesław Malewski – Gimnazjum dedicated to A. Mickiewicz (Vilnius city)
3. Janina Wołodkiewicz – Gimnazjum dedicated to John Paul II  (Vilnius city)
4. Krystyna Karpicz – High school dedicated to  M. Baliński w Jaszune ( solecznicki region)
5. Alina Kiriłowa – Gimnazjum dedicated to  K. Parczewski in  Niemenczyn (Vilnius region)
6. Łucja Łapszewicz – High School in  Awiżeniach (Vilnius region)
7. Alina Narkiewicz – High school dedicated to  H. Sienkiewicz in  Landwarow  (Trocki region)

Here is the list in category geography- physics-technologies-computer science:

1. Teresa Dzierżyńska – High school dedicated to   Sz. Konarski (Vilnius City) – Geography
2. Henryk Sinkiewicz – High school dedicated to Wł. Syrokomli (Vilnius City) – Computer science
3. Genowefa Łabinienė – Gimnazjum dedicated to A. Mickiewica (Vilnius city) – Physics
4. Paweł Stankiewicz – High school dedicated to  J.I. Kraszewski (Vilnius city) – Physics
5. Alina Szpakauskienė – High school in Troki (Trocki Region) – Computer science
6. Elwira Cejko – Gimnazjum „Żejmiana” in  Podbrodzie (swiecianski region) – technologies
7. Teresa Pawłowska – High school in  Mickune (Vilnius region) – arts, youngest classes.

Teachers of Mathematics were given commendation separately:

1. Anna Wańkiewicz – Gimnazjum dedicated to John Paul II (Vilnius city)
2. Janina Kostecka – High school dedicated to Sz. Konarski (Vilnius City)
3. Maria Kwiecień – High school in Awiżenie (Vilnius region)
4. Olga Narkun – Gimnazjum dedicated to  J. Śniadeckiego in Soleczniki (solecznicki region)
5. Janina Bujko – High school dedicated to  M. Baliński in Jaszune (solecznicki region)
6. Czesława Śliżewska – Gimnazjum in Ejszyszki ( solecznicki region)

Awards for best teachers of biology and chemistry were joined:

1. Jolanta Szałkowska – High school dedicated to  J.I. Kraszewski (Vilnius city) – Biology
2. Alena Gudalewicz – High school dedicated to  Sz. Konarski (Vilnius city) – Chemistry
3. Mariana Krasowska – Gimnazjum dedicated to  saint  R. Kalinowski in  Niemież (Vilnius region) – Biology
4. Wioleta Juchniewicz – Gimnazjum dedicated to  J. Śniadecki in Soleczniki (solecznicki region) – Biology
5. Walentyna Ćwilik – High school dedicated to A. Mickiewicz in  Dziewieniszki (solecznicki region) – Chemistry

Source: http://www.wilnoteka.lt/pl/artykul/co-dalej-z-petycja-w-sprawie-polakow-na-litwie

Tłumaczenie Karolina Przybyło w ramach praktyk w Europejskiej Fundacji Praw Człowieka, www.efhr.eu. Translated by Karolina Przybyło the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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