• November 16, 2012
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The Polish Language Week in schools in the Vilnius region

Inauguracja Tygodnia Języka Polskiego

The inauguration of the Polish Language Week in schools in the Vilnius region was on 15th November in the auditorium of the Lithuanian Educological University. The Week was opened in accordance with the decision of the Association of Polish Teachers in Lithuania made on 23rd September 2012 entitled “The need of organizing the Polish Language Week”.    

“This is another year when the Polish Language Week is organized in schools in the Vilnius region but this is the first time it reaches such a scale. This was an initiative of Polish teachers from the Vilnius region to open and close the event on universities. It will help to bring school and academic environments together”, said Irena Masojć, PhD, the head of the Center of Polish Language, Culture and Teaching at the Lithuanian Educological University.

The inauguration begun with a lecture by Romuald Naruńc entitled “The search for identity in contemporary literature”. It was followed by an orthographic contest; students wrote a dictation. After a short break, each school representatives had an opportunity to take part in a quiz about the Polish language, literature and culture. The inauguration ended with a concert of “Viva L’arte”, a band established by first year students of Polish philology.

“The Polish Language Week will be on 15th – 27th November in all schools that teach in Polish (primary, secondary and high schools). Those days will be filled with various events like: music and poetry evenings, declamations contests, meetings with poets and journalists, conferences, dictations and language games. We invite schools groups, parents, grandparents and everyone who is interested to take part in the celebrations”, told PL DELFI Janina Klimaszewska, a senior specialist from the education department in the Vilnius region government, a chief education officer of Polish teachers.

The aim of the venture is to:

– popularize the Polish language and linguistic correctness among school children in schools in the Vilnius region;

– expand the knowledge of language culture;

– develop skills in the use of the Polish language;

– train spelling skills;

– develop an interest in Polish films, theatre works and poetry;

– present students’ achievements;

– promote students’ declamation and drama skills.

Source: http://pl.delfi.lt/kultura/kultura/tydzien-jezyka-polskiego-w-szkolach-rejonu-wilenskiego.d?id=59999239 

Tłumaczenie Marta Dubiel w ramach praktyk w Europejskiej Fundacji Praw Człowieka, www.efhr.eu. Translated by Marta Dubiel the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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