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During the session of the council the report from accomplishment of budget was accepted. Newly elected deputy of the Sym of the Republic of Lithuania Mrs. Rita Tamašunienė said goodbye to the work at the self-government

@ Kurier Wilenski

During the pitting on 13th of November the council of self-government of Vilnius region accepted the report of accomplishment for budget of self-government for nine month of year A.D.

The plan of Incomes was realized in 97.8 percents: the budget was replenished by 137679.8 thousands of Lits where 55025.5 was from taxes. The amount of 75555.8 thousands of Lits is from subventions and 2032.6 thousands of lits from different incomes. 260.8 thousands of lits is the income from realization of state-owned grounds. 58 thousands of lits was earned from other self-governments as a part of so called basket of a student. Balance in the beginning of the year equaled to 4747.1 thousands of the Lits.

Plan of expenses was realized in 86.6 percents – 130428 thousands of Lits. The biggest amount was spent for education – 50.7 percents and for the programme of lessen the social alienation – 21.8 percents.

Councilmen accepted the distance, amount of transports and the route of public transport for the suburban  bus lines which go in the direction of Mickuny and Mejszagol. During the current months administration of the Self-government of Vilnius region organizes the public order for the transporter of those routes. Accepted distances, the amount of transports and its course is going to help the participants of the public order to see what they can do and the winners of the public order will give the opportunity for preparation for the service of those routes.

During the sitting councilmen also accepted the amount of  income tax for natural persons who get certificate of sole proprietorship and the amount of discounts because of that certificate.

From the data of IRS results that self- government is 7th in the ranking of the Lithuania form getting the number of the certification of sole proprietorship. The amount of self- governments is 60. On the basis of the amount of incomes from the number of the certification of sole proprietorship the place is second among so called regional Lithuanian governments.

The bigger  number of the certification of sole proprietorship was get from the area of services( 64.48%), trades(30.32%) and production(5.2%). It is important to say that the purpose to increase the employment the administration of self-government for Vilnius region uses the lower income tax. The income tax is lower within the comparison with the average amount of that tax in country. .

Councilmen accepted this rate of the tax of owners of ground on the terrain of Vilnius region for the year of 2013:

–          The ground of agrarian  purpose  – 0.6% of the tax value of the ground.

–          The unfarmed ground with the agrarian purpose – 2% of its tax value.

–          The ground of extant purpose – 0.3% of its tax value.

The owners of the ground with the agrarian purpose in the Vilnius region may use determined discounts. The villages with the plats with the agrarian purpose until 5 acres are not taxed.

Regarding handicapped, retired and minors who were in the families were not employed in the beginning of the tax year there are the untaxed amounts : village locations till 3 hectares, in Niemeczyn – 0.25 of hectare.  The discount is not applicable for owners of fallow lands and the plats where the event of burning the grass was presented.  In 2011 from the budget of self-government of the Vilnius region allocated 0.5 million of lits with the discounts for the owners of lands in Vilnius region.

During the sitting of the councilmen, the assistant of director of the administration of the self-government of Vilnius region Mrs. Rita Tamašunienė was exempted from her seat. She became new deputy  of Lithuanian Seym. In her appearance she thanked for the co-operation with everyone and she emphasized that the experience got during the work for self-government will be priceless when she will be working as a deputy for the Lithuanian Seym.

Source: http://kurierwilenski.lt/2012/11/15/podczas-sesji-rady-zatwierdzono-sprawozdanie-z-wykonania-budzetu-nowo-wybrana-poslanka-na-sejm-rl-rita-tamasuniene-pozegnala-sie-z-praca-w-samorzadzie/

Tłumaczenie Karolina Przybyło w ramach praktyk w Europejskiej Fundacji Praw Człowieka, www.efhr.eu. Translated by Karolina Przybyło the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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