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Add an entry about Poland to the Lithuanian Wikipedia and win a trip

The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Vilnius (in cooperation with the Wikimedia Polska Association) organises a competition for an entry about Poland in the Lithuanian Wikipedia. The aim… Read more »

Jarosłąw Narkiewicz: Do they want Poles out of Lithuania?

The Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania (AWPL) criticised the motion of the State Commission on the Lithuanian language concerning original spelling of names and surnames and assured that they… Read more »

Gediminas Kirkilas: the Parliament did not concretise the question considering the names of representatives of national minorities

The chairman of the parliamentary Committee for Europe Gediminas Kirkilas said that he is going to ask the State Commission of the Lithuanian Language once again about the original spelling… Read more »

EAPL and the rest of the world. Where the wind blows.

Before the Seimas elections in 2008 I was expected to associate with a person responsible for the electoral campaign of one of the main parties in Lithuania. The discussion took… Read more »

Loreta Graužinienė: The Law on National Minorities is not only for the Poles

All of the national minorities should come to an agreement concerning the Law on National Minorities, stated the Marshal of the Seimas Loreta Graužinienė, signalling clearly that the passing of… Read more »

The specialists from Poland were improving the speech and stage movement of Vilnius actors

Polish language pronunciation improvement and the principles of the stage pronunciation with the actors of Polish Theatre Studio were taken care by the lecturer of the Academy of Theatre in… Read more »

Immediate response of Poland: Statement of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs concerning the possible departure of AWPL from the government coalition.

In response to speculations which appeared in some media in Lithuania, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to inform you that the participation of the Electoral Action of Poles… Read more »

Poles living abroad are invited to take part in the campaign „National Reading”

The campaign “National Reading” (Narodowe Czytanie) initiated in 2012 by the President of Poland Bronisław Komorowski will start for the third time on 6th September 2014. The campaign aims at… Read more »

Jarosław Niewierowicz: AWPL will have to justify themselves to their constituents

The former Minister of Energy Jarosław Niewierowicz tried to convince the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania (AWPL) not to appoint Renata Cytacka the Deputy Minister of Energy, but to… Read more »

Political scientists on the role of AWPL in the future

Political scientists’ opinions on the further role of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania (AWPL) differ. Some believe that the party will become an informal ally of the government… Read more »

Tomaszewski sees Niewierowicz as the mayor of Vilnius

Leader of the Lithuanian Poles Electoral Action( AWPL) said that he has not yet managed to convince the former minister of energetics to partake in elections aimed at choosing the… Read more »

Šarūnas Birutis: Law on national minorities depends on participation of AWPL in the government coalition

The Lithuanian Minister of Culture Šarūnas Birutis believes that the future of the Law on national minorities is connected with the discussion about the government coalition with or without the… Read more »

Valdas Adamkus: I want to ask the Polish minority: ‘What else do you need?’

‘Polish minority in Lithuania does not appreciate conditions created for them and do not want to adapt to the Lithuanian law’- said former President of Lithuania- Valdas Adamkus. ‘This is… Read more »

The Polish Armed Forces Day

„We live in interesting, but hard times. In times full of symbols, unfortunately they are often symbols of suffering and heroism” – said the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland… Read more »

The eagle in Paneriai regained the crown

Today on the board of the exhibition at the Museum of Remembrance in Paneriai weput the correct pattern of the emblem of Polish Republic, the Embassy in Vilnius announced today…. Read more »

“Not everything that death touches dies.” Family reunion of Rodowicz and Radavičius

In Žemaitija, on  August 9, 2014 was held the reunion of Radaviczius family. Family Radaviczius earlier Rodowicz is known in Žemaitija from the end of the fifteenth century. The initiator… Read more »

The Embassy of Poland in Vilnius joined the campaign #jedzjabłka

After the introduction of an embargo by Russia on Polish apples a social campaign titled “Jedz jabłka na złość Putinowi” (Eat apples to spite Putin) was formed on social networking… Read more »

The “Polka” performed by Wilia at the World Festival of Polish Folk Bands

For the sixteenth time the World Festival of Polish Folk Bands takes place in Rzeszów. At this festival Lithuania is represented by the Polish Song and Dance Band “Wilia”. Polish… Read more »

The second “Polish” deputy minister returns to work

On Thursday four deputy ministers of education and science should return to work. “Tomorrow I will begin the work” – said BNS Minister of Education and Science Dainius Pavalkis. The… Read more »

„Silence” and “Body “, or nature and abstraction – a summary of the art in the open air of The House of Polish Culture

The exhibition of art in the open air entitled “Freedom, give me wings”, organized by the House of Polish Culture in Vilnius is finished. 17 girls and 2 boys aged… Read more »

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