• March 12, 2015
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PL DELFI – 3 years together!

The top Polish web portal in Lithuania, PL DELFI, celebrates its 3rd anniversary!!! Let’s remind briefly, how we spent these 3 years, and have a look on results the portal has achieved.

‘Despite anticipations and analyses conducted by some unkind ‘media experts’ who claimed that we would survive at most until the autumn elections, we still exist, develop and we are determined to work and inform our readers (by the way, we have more and more readers everyday) about the most important event in Lithuania, the Vilnius region and the whole world’ – wrote Antoni Radczenko, the first chief editor of PL DELFI, on the 1st anniversary of this web portal, the 12th of March 2013.

As simple as that.

‘Since six months the popularity of this web portal has been gradually increasing (taking into account a number of unique users). In December 2013 we achieved the amazing record of popularity, but we did not stopped and our January result was even better’, wrote Ryszard Rotkiewicz, the current chief editor of PL DELFI, on the 2nd anniversary of this portal.

Barely did another six months pass, the popularity of PL DELFI reached over 100 000 readers.

‘The top Polish web portal in Lithuania PL DELFI has been visited by over  100 000 users for the first time. In October and November, the number of unique users reached over 109 000 and 116 000 subsequently. The portal is usually visited by about 5 600 users a day. In the abovementioned months, PL DELFI achieved the best result among all websites belonging to the DELFI group’, emphasised Rotkiewicz.

You are surely curious, no matter if you are our regular reader or an opponent waiting for ‘404 – not found’ error and failure of our website, if last three months brought some changes for us. The answer is: yes!

In December 2014, due to Christmas break, our result decreased a little bit under 100 000 unique users – to 95 000; however, in January, we achieved a substantial growth in popularity and we finished that month with a new record – 126 507 unique users. In February we were also close to this result – our portal was visited by 124 966 users, which is also an impressive number. These results and predictions made for March forecast a new record.

We have also achieved the substantial growth in the average number of unique users of PL DELFI. In comparison with December 2014, when we had 5 600 users a day, today this number reaches 7 200.

In the table below, you can find our results from last year:


And the last picture presents results in all 3 years of PL DELFI:


Translated by Joanna Stępińska within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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