The attack on the Polish sanctuary at Rasos

On Saturday around 11.30 am Vilnius police was informed about the attack on the Mother and the Son’s Heart mausoleum at Rasos. On the wall, next to the tombstone under which lies Marshal of Poland Józef Piłsudski’s mother and also his heart a banner was hanged that said in Lithuanian language: ‘W. Tomaszewski, if you won’t stop causing harm to Lithuania, here is your place.’ Next to the banner there was a cardboard box with notices: ‘Beware. Bomb’ and ‘Poles will die.’

Capital city police has informed that an investigation of act of vandalism has been started.

This is not the first attack on the sanctuary. Previously it has been smeared with paint.

The Rasos Cemetery, in spite of being on the cultural heritage list, is neither guarded  nor monitored.


Tłumaczenie Monika Rak w ramach praktyk w Europejskiej Fundacji Praw Człowieka, Translated by Monika Rak the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights,

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