• February 25, 2022
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Residents of Lithuania Have Already Collected 2 Million Euros for Ukraine

“In two days, Lithuanians will donate 2 million Euros to the organization ‘Blue/Yellow,’ which supports the Ukrainian army,” said Jonas Ohmanas, the president of the organization.

“Two million- we are amazed, what else can I say… I have no words. Amazed, happy, and determined. We are already starting to allocate resources differently than before,” said Ohmanas, who is currently back from Ukraine.

According to him, the organization’s phone, which has been operating for eight years, keeps ringing, informing about new transfers.

“We receive transfers from companies. There are companies that transfer even 20 thousand Euros. Many residents—100 euros each. One man brought 4 thousand Euros in cash. This is impressive,” the head of the organization pointed out.

Money—for fuel and transportation

The money received is intended to provide fuel and transportation for Ukrainian soldiers.

“We receive serious requests from Ukraine. For example, soldiers ask for ten tons of diesel fuel per month so they can fight. We are buying off-road vehicles, medical equipment, first aid kits. We are already considering electronics with Ukrainian intelligence. We will establish transport routes through Poland. We will bring the cars to the border, where Ukrainians will take them, paint them, and go to war. You have to fight, diplomacy is over,” Ohmanas said.

Lithuanian Red Cross Initiative

Lithuanian Red Cross, which raises funds for war refugees from Ukraine, announced on Friday along with four other NGOs that it has raised another 400 thousand Euros.

Russia attacked Ukraine from several directions on Thursday, and Moscow recognized the independence of separatist regions in eastern Ukraine earlier this week.

The attacks on Kyiv began on Friday.


Based on: BNS, own materials

Translated by Karolina Glaubitt within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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