• July 20, 2023
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What fate is awaiting for bilingual signs in the Vilnius District?

Vilnius District Municipality is prepared for court proceedings concerning bilingual signs. 

“The Constitutional Court should express its position regarding this issue.” said Žygimantas Pacevičius, a lawyer representing the district municipality. 

The State Commission of the Lithuanian Language instructed the Vilnius District Municipality to remove bilingual inscriptions in Lithuanian and Polish. The district authorities turned to the Komisja Sporów Administracyjnych. 

The commission is expected to announce its decision today. In the case of unfavourable decision, the municipality will consider turning to the Wileński Okręgowy Sąd Administracyjny. 

“The Constitution guarantees the maintenance of national identity for national minorities. The Constitutional Court should intervene in the case, the courts should turn to the Constitutional Court, which is to decide whether the State Language Law in a form that prohibits bilingual signs, does not contradict the Constitution.” – said LRT Pacevičius for the public broadcaster.

The administration of the municipality received an inspection order in May, which informed that there are inscriptions in Lithuanian and Polish in the villages Bieliškių and Ažulaukė located in the Vilnius District.

According to the inspectorate, this is contrary to the law, according to which “the state language is obligatory in all Lithuanian stamps of companies, institutions and organisations, document forms, information boards of offices and agencies and other inscriptions, names and descriptions of Lithuanian products and services”.

Inspekcja Językowa has pointed to Mayor Robert Duchnevič that these inscriptions must be removed by 1st July, leaving only the inscriptions in the state language.

Translated by Natalia Koczaj within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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