• April 11, 2016
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Students from Vilnius are laureates of the Polish nationwide Polish studies olympiad

Magdalena Bielawska, Adrianna Wołosewicz and Karolina Słotwińska – all students of the capital city schools – were among the 35 award winners of the LVI Polish Literature and Language Olympiad that took place in Konstancin and Warsaw between the 6th and the 9th of April.

Adrianna Wołosewicz, who attends the Władysław Syrokomia’s High School in Vilnius managed to get 87 (out of possible 90) points and won the 2nd prize. Karolina Słotwińska (80 points) from the Władysław Syrokomia’s High School and Magdalena Bielawska (75 points) from the Adam Mickiewicz’s junior high school were both awarded with third level diplomas. This year’s Olympiad has gathered over 200 participants from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine et al.

Polish Literature and Language Olympiad is an annual contest, held ceaselessly since 1970. Since 1989 the Olympiad gathers representatives of Polish communities in Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Czech Republic and more recently in Hungary and Slovakia. Outside of Poland there is approximately 300-400 people who participate in the first stage of the competition. The best of them are granted with the Polish Government’s scholarship, allowing them to attend the Polish Studies course at the University of Warsaw.

Translated by Jan Moryń within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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