• May 5, 2015
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Very good exam results for studies in Poland

Although Matura exams have just started, some lucky ones have already been informed that starting from the next academic year, they will be holders of scholarships granted by the Polish government. As many as 17 people among those applying for scholarships and studies in Poland received such a result from the written exam that will absolve them of the second, oral part of the exam. “I’ve been conducting exams in the Polish language for years and I don’t remember such good results” –  emphasized chairman of the examination commission, prof. dr hab. Marek Pytasz, at the moment  the results were announced.

Even though the exams for candidates for the undergraduate studies are still under way, a considerable group of them has reasons to be happy. Among 74 people applying for the student’s book in Poland this year, only 13 of them were eliminated after the written exam, and as many as 17 people received results that absolved them of the second exam – an interview.

„The results from the Polish language exam make us happy the most” – said chairman of the examination commission, prof. dr hab. Marek Pytasz, after the results had been announced – “I’ve been conducting examinations for many years, and up to this point, it has never occurred that there have not been any unsatisfactory grade. Obtaining 49 points in the written part was used to be considered a very good result. Here, such a result obtained only one person. The rest got over 50 points.”

„I want to study journalism. I like writing, meeting new people. I’ve always dreamt about it, that’s why I’m so happy today” – says Gabriela Jasińska, student of John Paul II High School. Why study in Poland? “I feel very good in Poland, more like at home.”

Exams for studies in Poland demand from students, as well as from their teachers, additional work. Krzysztof Szejbak, who obtained the highest number of points, intends to study law at the University of Warsaw. He does not think that the exam was difficult, but he is certain that school knowledge does not suffice. Curricula in Poland and Lithuania differ a great deal from each other, especially when it comes to subjects such as history or geography.

It is great to see the happiness of those who are already finished with the exams. Unfortunately, majority of those lucky ones who are granted scholarships do not indent to return back to Lithuania after they have graduated from university. They are willing to stay in Poland or move to one of the European countries. This is, after all, also their parents’ advice, who do not see any great prospects for  their children in Lithuania.

The mere act of passing the examination does not mean that a high school graduate will certainly be admitted into the chosen studies. The decision of the recruitment commission has to be confirmed by Minister of Science and Higher Education, and in the case of medical studies – by Minister of Health. Candidates for medical and artistic studies will have to sit examination in Poland. At this moment, however, there is the most important task that the candidates are faced with – to pass high school exams.

Translated by Bruno Janiszewski within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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