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Vilnius 3rd May ceremony

“While honouring our ancestors, the creators of our independence and their biggest effort, we should not forget that for us, Poles, todays celebration is day of happiness and hope, a… Read more »

European Parliament about discrimination of Polish people in Lithuania

European Parliament received a letter from the ambassador Raimundas Karoblis from Permament Representation of the Republic of Lithuania in Brussels, in which current situation of national and ethnic minorities in… Read more »

20 years of Polish Art Gallery ‘Znad Willi’

20 years ago, on 3 May 1995, Polish Art Gallery ‘Znad Willi’ was opened in Vilnius old town. Through two decades over 400 exhibitions took place in Vilnius, and dozens… Read more »

Appeal in defence of Polish schools in Lithuania

As we previously reported, in the days of April 29 – May 3, representatives of Polish community in Lithuania, invited by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Grzegorz Schetyna and president… Read more »

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