• April 25, 2015
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The summary of “Good morning, Poland” project

Young people from schools, artists, the representatives of Polish Embassy and other organizations gathered yesterday in order to sum up the “Good morning, Poland” project. It was launched by Žilvinas Radavičius, an activist and history teacher.

The summary was organized in Technical Library in Vilnius due to the forthcoming anniversary of the Third May Constitution. During the event, Radavičius thanked Polish Institute in Vilnius for the possibility of preparing the project aimed and young people. To the project contributed three communities: High school in Starówka, “Menachemo namai” school and Marina Miżigurska Lower-Secondary School.

“An active participation in this project pleased the young people and the rest which was involved in the very organization. This event was dedicated to the Polish-Lithuanian friendship. Our main goal was to show respect for Poland and learn more about this country. Moreover, we wanted to present other nationalities and show friendship between them” – said to us Radavičius. The anthem of the project was famous Polish song by Doniu&Liber called “Dzień dobry, Polsko”.

Not only students were invited to participate in this event, but also many famous artists and representatives of various nationalities, organizations and places did participate. Its contribution made also Polish Embassy in Vilnius.

All these guests took part in the meeting ending the event. In the event participated: School community, the deputy of Polish Ambassador on Lithuania, Maria Ślebioda, Barbara Olszewska from Polish Institute in Vilnius, the director of the Stanisław Moniuszki Centre of Polish Culture in Lithuania, Apolonia Skakowska, the editor-in-chief of “Tygodnik Wileńszczyzny” Irena Mikulewicz, the director of Lithuanian Organization of United Nations and musicologist Jūratė Landsbergytė, the noblewoman of “Trąby” Anna Kowzan-Rimeikienė and many other people. Everybody agreed on the event being praiseworthy.

The members of parliament Aurelija Stancikienė and Kęstutis Masiulis congratulated on the event also and the chairman of Association of Tatar Communities on Lithuania, the right-hand of Prime Minister, Adas Jakubauskas.

“We are very pleased that famous and respected social activist Žilvinas Radavičius has been organizing this event from many years” – wrote in his letter Jakubauskas. He expressed his big satisfaction that it was symbolic to organize “the meeting aimed at the Polish-Lithuanian friendship” one day before 224th anniversary of the Third May Constitution. “This beautiful feast is also celebrated on Lithuania” – he explained.

In the meeting took part also famous artists who presented themselves,  Oleg Mozarskij  and Aleksandr Biełkin, painter Emilija Gaspariūnaitė-Taločkienė.

During the meeting a short clip from all the meetings from the project “Good morning, Poland”  was played. Its participants who were students baked “cookies of friendship”, saw the redaction of “Kurier Wileński”, prepared essays about Poland.

Radavičius shown his activity concerning project on Polish-Lithuanian relations which was launched 15 years ago. He explained that he was a lover of Polish culture and history.

The representatives of Polish Institute gave diplomas to all participants of this project.

Žilvinas Radavičius also thanked all participants and all people who contributed to the spreading of the project “Good morning, Poland” which build toleration and friendship between two countries.

Translated by Anna Sulima within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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