• April 7, 2015
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Two years with you

Today marks exactly 2 years since the launch of social-information portal L24.lt. Since April 7 2013 we inform our Readers about events in Lithuania and the world in four languages: Polish, Lithuanian, Russian and English.

Second anniversary of our work is a good opportunity to thank our Readers for their interest in the site. Thank you for all the remarks, opinions and comments, which are directions for us and guidelines in our everyday work.

Thank you to all the people that co-create L24 – for sending materials, for suggested topics, which inspire us do write articles and stories.

We realize that 2 years is not much, but in this time we introduced many changes: from changing graphic design and number of thematic columns to increasing our presence in social networks. We will still endeavour to react quickly to ever changing need of the Readers.

The team responsible for the Polish version of L24 tries to be everywhere that something important for Polish community in Lithuania is happening. From the first day of the existence of our portal we focus on topics significant for Polish people in Lithuania, concerning our region and the culture of our small homeland – the Vilnius Region.

We will endeavour to constantly encourage our Readers in their pride of the Vilnius Region, build the spirit of community and encourage unity.

We try to inform on an ongoing basis not only about what is happening in international and national areas, but also in every part of the Vilnius Region.

We express our hope for further collaboration with you, that together we will still address issues and contribute to solving problems significant and present for given community or group of people. We believe that together with you, we will celebrate further anniversaries of the portal’s existence with ever growing number of readers.

To everyday meetings on L24 portal, Dear Readers.

Editorial team

Translated by Antonina Górka within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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