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Music origin: Vilnius not only from the folklore is known

Ska, punk, rap, metal, poetic rock – Poles in the Vilnius for several years not only associated with folklore. Today it is the tangible proof – just released the album “Music origin. Lithuania”.

“We are proud to present this record. I believe that you too can be proud of. Because when the part of you we met in September, I saw some skepticism. We also had some concerns about how it will look our cooperation. It turned out that the cooperation was very good” – greeted collected on presentation boards INC Peter Oleksy of East & West, publisher of “Musical origin. Lithuania”.

Here you can listen to the album online (link).

From Vilnius to London

Oleksy announced bands and performers that the album is only the first step. Then begin promotion of the album. At the turn of February and March will be a concert in Gdynia club promo ear, at roughly the same time has held a presentation-acoustic concert in the Sejm. Publishers seek to ensure that teams from Lithuania played concerts in various Polish cities. In the next year is to move part of the “Musical origin”. United Kingdom ‘and quite possible that Polish bands from England will play in Vilnius and Vilnius in London.

The album was the entire cross section of Vilnius alternative bands singing in Polish or having in his repertoire songs in Polish: Will’N’Ska, Filmik, Jańka z Wilna, StaraNowa, Rob B. Colton, Black Biceps, Kite Art, Sain Oil Sand, Berserke and famous Lithuanian jazz saxophonist Jan Maksymowicz.

I think we did

“The project is very good. However, when I read about the project, it had some doubts or will be so many bands. I am a Pole, but so far I have never written any songs in Polish. (…) So I had some concerns about the whole song, because together with the text was made within two weeks. But I think we did “- shared his impressions of zw.lt Alexander of Saint Oil Sand. The band recorded specifically for the album the song “special method” in which, ironically refers to the invocation of “Pan Tadeusz”:

“Lithuania, my country / You’re like health / the same words spoken a thousand times / but now Health / a lot more with the money associate / and please no offense.”

Rob B singer Colton with New Vilnia (“Nowa Wilejka”) presented Vilnius audience already familiar song P.K.B. “I am delighted that such a thing was created because firstly it is something new. So far, no such thing in Lithuania was not. There is something very important that we can present their work not only in Lithuania, but also in Poland”- said zw.lt singer.

Kind of experiment

Kite Art, hope Lithuanian rock independent, they put on the album track  “Samotność” (“Loneliness”). “This is a very important project, because the last thing we did. This piece is not for us a typical, less guitar playing here, there are more electronic sound. It’s the kind of experiment. It is also a chance to appear on the Polish market”- confessed Robert Bieńkuński, leader of the band.

A similar view is also a metal band Berserker. “After this meeting we are impressed. When Peter told about all the plans of these possible concerts in Poland and cooperation with other countries, we were really impressed and we hope that’s what happens, “- said Agnieszka, vocalist of the band.

The video rapper Vilnius zw.lt reported that a song written especially for the album, and the music created by his friend. “It went pretty easily to me” – he confessed hip-hop singer.

The album “Musical origin. Lithuania” there were 10 songs in Polish created by Vilnius contractors. The disc does not go on sale but will be distributed to the institutions promoting Polish culture. The songs can be heard on the publisher’s website.

From above the radio and the portal Neris (“radio i portal Znad Wilii”) covered patronage over the plate.

Translated by Michał Sadowski within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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