The number of Polish students in Vilnius still remains stable

L24 (Fot. Marian Paluszkiewicz)

This year 426 children will start to learn in the 1st grade in Polish schools in Vilnius

An amazingly big number of pupils is going to enter the schools of Vilnius this year. 60 204 students will start learning in schools supervised by the Vilnius City Local Government this year.
It is actually 500 children more in comparison to the previous year and, at the same time, the first increase in the number of students after Lithuania has proclaimed its independence.

Vilnius schools are to be entered by a record-breaking number of 1st grade  students- 5600, which is 400 more than it was  last year.

,, Local government surprisingly decides to invest in education, devoting as much as half of the budget for this purpose. Over 605 million lits have been dedicated to educate children, adolescents and adults. In addition to this, as many as 65 educational facilities have been renewed or refurbished this year” – emphasised the mayor of Vilnius Arturas Zuokas during the meeting with the Vilnius school’s supervisors.

Over 20 million lits have been given for modernisation and refurbishment of Vilnius schools.
Moreover, additional 14 million have enabled to build a new kindergarten in the Santoryszki District of Vilnius.

According to what Krystyna Dzierżyńska, vice-president of the Polish Schools Association ”Macierz Szkolna” in Vilnius revealed when talking to the representatives of  Lt.24 portal, 426 1st grade students will go to the Polish schools in Vilnius, whereas on the whole, Vilnius schools with  Polish language of tuition will admit approximately 6000 children. As K. Dzierżyńska stated, this year’s statistics are almost identical to the previous year’s as far as the number of students in Polish schools of Vilnius is concerned.


Tłumaczenie by Katarzyna Piskorz w ramach praktyk w Europejskiej Fundacji Praw Człowieka, Translated by Katarzyna Piskorz within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights,

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