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The 25th anniversary of the band “Czerwone Maki” celebrated in Jawniuny

The only in Širvintų rajono savivaldybė Polish folk band “Czerwone Maki” from Jawniuny invited on Saturday residents and visitors for the celebration of the 25th anniversary of its activity. The concert took place in the framework of the X Jubilee Festivities of Polish Culture “Sing with us”.

The folk band “Czerwone Maki” ,working already for a quarter of a century in Jawniuny, is not only a mark of the district, but also of the whole Širvintų rajono savivaldybė.

“Czerwone Maki is the only Polish art band in the Širvintų rajono savivaldybė, and after the closing of the Polish school in Jawniuny – the only centre of Polish culture in these areas,” – said during Saturday’s concert, the emcee Edith Tamošiūnaitė.

Since the beginning of activity team is managed by tireless and spirited Stefania Tomaszun. She is also the originator and organizer of the Festival of Polish Culture of  Širvintų rajono savivaldybė “Sing with us”, which took place yesterday in Jawniuny already for the 10th time, gathering numerously residents of the village and of the surrounding area.

On the guest stage in Jawniuny performed bands from Vilnius and Belarus, the brass band from the S. Moniuszko School of Fine Arts in Šalčininkai, the band “Troczanie”, youth choir of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary church in Maišiagala, the band “Mejszagolanki”, Kasparov family band from Miedziuki, the band from Musninkai, “Kapela Podwileńska.” The song “Eurydice” was performed solo by Justyna Leonowicz from Maišiagala.

The surprise of the evening was the bright appearance of pop-folk band from Belarus “Lalki Corporation”.

And although many great performers showed up on the stage, however, “Czerwone Maki” were the stars of the evening. They sang in new costumes, funded by the Ministry of Culture.

They also presented their first full length album.

In particular way, the 25th anniversary of “Czerwone Maki” was honored by the citizen Jawniun Henry Grydziuszko, who together with a group of young people and adults organized a bicycle tour of Jauniūnų seniūnija.  The participants of the expedition stopped and prayed by crosses, among others, in the village Šiauliai, Ejciuny, Zendule, Antonajcie. This way of the celebrating of the jubilee of the band was not coincidental, because “Czerwone Maki” participated in the placing of crosses and church services by them.

On the occasion of the anniversary, with the congratulations for the band “Czerwone Maki” came to Jawniuny the Chairman of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania, MEP Waldemar Tomaszewski. He thanked the executive and the members of the band for that they nurture Polish culture on earth of Širvintų rajono savivaldybė.

“We are pleased that the band sets the tone for the wide-ranging social activities in the area. We have a branch of ZPL, which in winter also celebrated its 25th anniversary. The branch of AWPL also operates, the branch is headed by MP Rita Tamašunienė. We have our representatives in the local government of Širvintų rajono savivaldybė: Stefania Tomaszun and Marian Bujnicki who hold the authority in the coalition well. Rasa Tamošiūnienė of AWPL is the deputy director of the local administration of Širvintų rajono savivaldybė “-  listed Tomaszewski.

On behalf of the party he thanked them and all those who worked for electoral success in Širvintų rajono savivaldybė. He noted that while in the last local elections AWPL gained 4 percent of the support in Širvintų rajono savivaldybė ,and has two councilors, but during the last parliamentary elections won 6 percent. votes, which is the visible growth and bodes well for the future. The AWPL leader also thanked coalition partners in the Council area of Širvintų rajono savivaldybė for fruitful cooperation.

At the celebration of the 25th anniversary of “Czerwone Maki” came to Jawniuny compatriots and guests from Vilnius, Trakai, Šalčininkai, Širvintos, Druskininkai, as well as guests from Poland. There were wishes, thanks, giving of the gifts.

The parish priest of Maišiagala, priest Jozef Aszkiełowicz thanked Tomaszun for having organized a nice band, caring for Polish culture, which was passed to us by our grandfathers, great-grandfathers, parents. “Come sing us to the joy and the glory of God” – said the priest, because, as he noted, culture and faith lead us into the future.

On behalf of the faction of AWPL, Members of Parliament and Vice-President of Sejm Jaroslaw Narkiewicz thanks to the manager’s hands were handed in by MP Rita Tamašunienė, stressing that the band revived many forgotten Polish songs and performing songs and arranging makes them the special band of the Vilnius.

With best wishes from Šalčininkai came to Jawniuny mayor of Šalčininkai district Zdzislaw Palewicz. “We in Šalčininkai have it a little easier,  because there is more of us. And here, in Jawniuny, to keep it all, which is native and to  be able to utilize it so that together with other cultures, nations it gets along, is the whole art. The band “Czerwone Maki” is a worthy and good example “- said Palewicz, wishing the team more years of creative vitality.

The vice-mayor of Trakai district Maria Pucz wished the team so that the Polish song sounded for long time in Širvintų rajono savivaldybė.

For the ceremony in Jawniuy came also: Mayer of Širvintų rajono savivaldybė Vincas Jasiukevičius and the councilor Marian Bujnicki, the Trakai district councilors Alina Kowalewska and Tadeusz Tuczkowski, director and deputy director of the administration of Širvintų rajono savivaldybė Elena Davidavičienė and Rasa Tamošiūnienė, the governor of Maišiagala Stefan Orszewski, delegation of Department of Union of Poles in Lithuania in Druskininkai with the president Helena Ališkevičienė, directors of local educational and cultural institutions, visitors from Poland.

All current and former members of the “Czerwone Maki”, who have linked their fate with the band were acknowledged. With the minute of silence were honored the band members who have already departed to God.

Currently the band consists of twelve persons. Its manager and Teresa Radziun are with the band from the beginning.

Its first public performance the band had in May 1989 in the House of Culture in Antonajcie. The concert was dedicated to the Mother’s Day. The first song that “Czerwone Maki” performed for the audience was “Serdeczna matka”.

Since then, the band played hundreds of gigs not only in the Vilnius region, but also all over Lithuania, as well as in Poland. Performances of  “Czerwone Maki” are also closely associated with the Catholic holidays. The members of the band spend the Christmas holiday by singing carols together with residents, glorify God in the Easter and thank Blessed Mother of the Herbs for the gift of existence.

Their repertoire includes  many of their own works. During the concert you could have heard songs such as “Maki”, “Nad Musa”, “Kukulka”, to which the lyrics were put together by Wladyslawa Orszewska-Kursevičienė, and music was chosen by Stefania Tomaszun.

“There were many difficult days, but they never surrendered, they never doubt, they did not lose hope in the fact that what they are doing – by their song they praise God and please people, they keep song sung here centuries ago – is right and worth living and sacrifice “- said Edyta Tamošiūnaitė.

Translated by Patrycja Pawłowska within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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