• August 4, 2014
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AWPL returns to power in the Trakai region

Dismissal from the position of the mayor of local government area of ​​Trakai – Vytautas Zalieckasa, as well as dismissal of vice-mayor, the director of administration, as well as his deputy – are the most important issues that will be considered on Tuesday, August 5th. If the mayor is dismissed, to the power in the Trakai region may return AWPL.

On Tuesday, August 5th ,  will take a place 9th Council meeting of the local government area of ​​Trakai. Councillors will consider the issues on the removal of the mayor Vytautas Zalieckasa, deputy mayor Wojciech Winskiewicz, director of administration Renatas Dūdisaand his deputy Vitalij Burdienė.

Parliament question on the removal from office of those people was issued ​​the week before, on July 25th , nine politicians from the opposition, which includes a five councilors of Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania.

After the negotiations it was agreed that the parliament question will join the other councilors and there is a chance for a new majority in the Council of the local government area of ​​Trakai.

At least 13 votes of councilors are needed  to dismiss in the secret voting the mayor of the region from his position. Council of the local government area of ​​Trakai has 25 councilors.

The reason for the parliament question was not very fruitful work of the mayor, as well as the fact that he fails to unite members of the Council to work together.

Everything indicates that clearly a new majority had formed and tomorrow in the leadership of local government changes will be made.

AWPL is to take up the new majority of the position of vice-mayor of the region, vice-president of administration and adviser of the mayor. The position of deputy mayor is to be taken up by the president of the branch of  AWPL in the Trakai and the president of faction AWPL in the local government council area of ​​Trakai – Maria Pucz. The party proposed to the position of deputy the  vice president of branch administration of AWPL, local government councilor Teresa Sołowjowa, and to the position of the adviser to the mayor – Aliona Urban.

SinceTeresa Solowjowa thanked for the confidence and resigned to run for the position of the deputy director of administration, for this position Carolina Narkiewicz will apply, who now is the acting the head of the department of culture and tourism of the local government area of ​​Trakai.

Faction AWPL in the self- governemnt of Trakai is composed of five councilors: Maria Pucz, Teresa Solowjowa, Henryk Jankowski, Alina Kowalewska and Tadeusz Tuczkowski.

Translated by Patrycja Pawłowska within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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