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‘Dancing With The Stars’ finale: Joanna Moro defeated by Aneta Zając!

“Singular messages decided about the winning”, said the host of the dancing show, Anna Głogowska.  From the very beginning Moro was considered to be a favorite, but ultimately spectators decided… Read more »

Poetry Holiday in Bareikiškės

Declamations, calligraphy and poems’ composition classes, ceramics workshops and many more attractions were prepared by the employees of the Museum of Vladislovas Sirokomlė in Bareikiškės on the “Sirokomlė’s Lyre” Poetry… Read more »

In Vilnius the contest of the knowledge about Poland, Lithuania and cooperation of the two countries

The Polish embassy in Vilnius in cooperation with the Education and Science Ministry and the Lithuanian Centre for Non-Formal Students’ Education organized the contenst entitled ‘Fight of intellects – the… Read more »

In Sejny and Sołeczniki a discussion about problems of national minority groups

Representatives of the Polish-Lithuanian Dialogue and Cooperation Forum of J. Giedrojć have visited Sejny and Sołczniki this week. In Sejny they have met with representatives of Lithuanian minority living there,… Read more »

Zbigniew Balcewicz: National Minorities in Lithuania – between integration and isolation

Polish people have been waiting 21 years for the separate agreement of the spelling of their names and surnames What has already been done within the realisation of the government’s… Read more »

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