Masojć: It is not possible to get rid of Russian and Lithuanian borrowings

In each country, not only among Polish people living in the Vilnius region, there are two forms of language: official and colloquial language – Irena Masojć, a head of the
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The solemnity in Zułow. ‘Take care of Poles remaining Poles’

The celebration of 25th birthday of APL (Association of Poles in Lithuania) started with the joint singing of Rota. The enterprise took place in Zułów. Two oaks were consecrated on
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A new life of a Polish kindergarden in Janczuny

On 2nd May in the village Janczuny ( the commune Butrymańce, Soleczniki region) took place a solemn opening of the versatile center.  In the venture that was of a big
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