• May 20, 2014
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The history of Polish Scouts in Lithuania presented in the new book.

A book ‘From pierestroika to the Card of the Pole. The environment and Polish scouting organizations in the USSR and after its collapse’ by Adam F. Aries has just been published in Warsaw. A separate chapter is devoted to Polish Scouts in Lithuania.
There is a chapter devoted to the revival and scouting activities in Lithuania in which the author explores the socio-political situation in Lithuania and place of the Polish minority in this context, describes the work of the Polish Scouting Association in Lithuania (ZHPnL) in 1989-1996, the polarization of the association’s activity in 1996-2007 and presents the history and activities of the Harcerski Wileński Hufiec Maryi im. Pani Ostrobramskiej.

‘This book is fascinating. The author shows how the Polish community that was destroyed, murdered and displaced eventually remained at its roots, and cares about his identity, as well as cherishes tradition. At the same time it is a sad book which demonstrates that without outside help and no support, Polish community being is threatened. The author describes voluntary and enthusiastic movement of many Polish instructors and scouting organizations supporting the emerging movement in the East. The extremely enthusiastic and courageous answer is that the number of Polish scouting teams that originated in the former Soviet Union, even in Moldova and Kazakhstan. Collecting of such a large number of facts by the author is admirable. Thanks to this, the book provides a comprehensive compendium of Polish scouting activities in the Soviet Union and after its collapse ‘- said PhD Peter Niwiński, a professor at the University of Gdansk, in his book review.

‘We will get one copy of this book from the author. Of course we would like to bring a book to Lithuania to distribute it here, because there certainly would be a lot of willing to acquire it, but for now it is a matter for agreement with the publisher of the book ‘- says Julia Darjina from ZHPnL.
‘I think this book will especially attract those who once were active in ZHPnL. For them it will be a kind of return to those events or the names of people with whom they cooperated and worked. In addition, the book is important for today’s generation of young scouts because it gives the opportunity to get to know the history of the rebirth of Polish Scouts in Lithuania ‘- says J. Darjina.
The book “From perestroika to the Card of the Pole. Environment and Polish scouting organizations in the USSR and after its collapse “by Adam F. Baran was published by the Institute of Political Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Translated by Irmina Myśliwiec within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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