“Tusk told me: Listen to what our countrymen in Lithuania will tell you”

Since court imposed the penalty of over 40 000 Lithuanian litas to Bolesław Daszkiewicz for non-removing Polish plates from private properties, Soleczniki became an obligatory point of every Polish politicians’ deputation
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Waldemar Tomaszewski refused to meet with the officials of the security forces. “The Stalinist times

Gediminas Grina, the general director of State Security Department, during his speech in Sejm confirmed that Waldemar Tomaszewski, leader of Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania, refused to meet with
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“In the present situation, it would be difficult to celebrate the anniversary of signing the

There probably will be no formal celebrations aimed at commemorating the signature of the treaty between Poland and Lithuania – Tadeusz Aziewicz, a member of the Sejm of the Republic
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