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Alicja Dowejkis became „’Kurier Wileński’ Girl – Polish Miss of Lithuania 2013”

Fot. Marian Paluszkiewicz

Sunday afternoon, April 14th, Palace of Culture and Sport in Vilnius. At long last, awaited spring came around to Vilnius at the same time as the finale of the XVIII edition of „’Kurier Wileński’ Girl – Polish Miss of Lithuania 2013”, the annual beauty contest of our newspaper. 

This year, Alicja Dowejkis, fair-haired high school senior with a charming smile from J.I. Kraszewski High School in Vilnius, became the queen of the evening.

„It is a great honor for me to be Polish Miss of Lithuania. Obviously, every contestant participated to win. I also wanted to win. However, despite that, winning was a huge surprise!” joyous Alicja Dowejkis said to ‘Kurier’ after the final gala. „Preparing for the competition, I had to keep up with school. There was a lot of work but I managed to do it.” the winner added. In the future, she plans on going to law school.

This year’s stage image of the finalists was a bit different than in the previous years. In the first part of the programme there was no gentle and fun girls. The temperature in the room raised when ten demonic and extremely attractive ‘lady vamps’ appeared on stage and started dancing seductively in vivid red outfits.

„Och… Agnieszka! I am charmed with these demonic girls who just appeared on stage. They are beautiful, attractive, strong, possessive, ambitious, alluring but at the same time inapproachable women… I think every man in the room agree with me?” Stanisław Michalkiewicz, long-term host of the contest finals has been warming up the audience in the room.

„Indeed Stanisław, they are beautiful, but I need to warn you because ‘lady vamp’ can get any man. They can destroy you, they are conquerors, they can bring men to their ruin, they break their hearts and careers!” Agnieszka Skinder, a charming co-host of Stanisław Michalkiewicz tried to arouse intrest in the audience.

Very compatible hosts made the audience smile with their funny dialogue while the finalists prepared behind the scenes for one of the most important part of the contest – Talent Competition.

Once again the director of the Polish Folk Song and Dance Ensemble „Wilia” Renata Brasel and choreographer Teresa Andruszkiewicz took care of the artistic side of the contest. During the months leading to the finale, the ‘godmothers’ watched over girls in order to get the best results during their performances. Thanks to their work, the audience had an opportunity to see that talented and beautiful girls from Vilnius region are really admirable.

This year, the finalists not only show their declamatory, musical and dancing talents but also theatrical ones as well. The audience applauded after every performance.

The performance of Emilia Kowalewska forced the audience to reflect on everyday life – she presented a staging of a poem by Jonasz Kofta „Nerwica w granicach normy” („Neurosis within norm limits”)

The crown winner Alicja Dowejkis also didn’t leave the audience indifferent, she recited a poem of Nobel prizewinner Wisława Szymborska „Ludzie na moście” („People on the bridge”).

Jolanta Griniewicz turned out the best in this category, though. During her performance she was accompanied by her friends. First, the audience heard lyrical and nostalgic melody played on the piano, then it changed to a video clip on a big screen. On the stage, the song ‘Vabank’ was performed. Jolanta’s efforts weren’t for nothing – she was awarded the title of „Miss Talent”.

After the Talent Competition, the audience had a chance to take a look backstage of the final gala and see clips showing how girls had prepared for Sunday’s evening. It was possible thanks to the short movie made by Marian Paluszkiewicz, press photographer of our newspaper.

The next phase of the final gala was Journalist Competition – every girl had to pretend to be a journalist of ‘Kurier Wileński’. The competition started with ‘Sweet Lottery’ when a member of the jury, the director of ‘Lisenas’ company Lucyna Kałtan, chose ten spectators. Then, the finalists gave them ‘sweet prizes’ and interviewed them. The audience enjoyed it a lot.

While the girls were preparing for the next presentation, songstress Greta Buzarewicz, raising star of the Lithuanian stage, performed in front of the audience. Young vocalist sang the songs of such musical legends as Maryla Rodowicz, Magdalena Tul and Tina Turner.

Greta Buzarewicz performance was a great introduction the the last competition during which the girls presented beautiful leather jackets from the salon „Karaliskas tigras”. The owner Mieczysław Subiel who for many years has been making new collections avaliable to be shown on the stage during beauty contest, funded a voucher for the winner of „Miss Podium” title. This year, Karolina Niewierowicz proved herself to be the most attractive during the show and got awarded the title of „Miss Elegance”.

During the break, guests could vote for their favourite by writing her number on the ticket and then putting it in a special box. Handome dancers of the ensemble ‘Wilia’ who accompanied the girls during the contest, were carrying the boxes around the room. After counting the votes, it turned out that the title of „Miss Audience” went to Emilia Kowalewska, a Mathematics  and Computer Science student at the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences. She also won the titles of „Miss Photo” and First Vice-Miss.

Two titles – „Miss Internet” and Second Vice-Miss – won Dominika Granicka, a student in John Paul II Secondary School in Vilnius. Readers of our newspaper also chose their favourite by sending their votes to our office. This year, we received a record-breaking number of votes – over 5 000. The most votes went to Greta Pożarycka, a fourth year student at the University of Vilnius. The title of „Miss Personality” – given to the most friendly girl by the other finalists – went to Diana Woronecka, a fourth year student of Business Administration at the University of Michał Romer in Vilnius. Monika Kłunduk, Ewelina Dijak and Monika Wickun also received prizes and honorable mentions.

Alicja Dowejkis became the queen of the evening. On her head we could see a crown funded by „Jubilex Baltija”. This temporary crown was placed on the head of the winner by „’Kurier Wileński’ Girl – Polish Miss of Lithuania 2012” Aneta Sławińska. It was a symbolic way of passing the power to the successor. In the meantime, Anna Kaczemcewa, director of „Asata Group”, handed to the winner a crown that will stay with her forever.

New „’Kurier Wileński’ Girl – Polish Miss of Lithuania 2013” received also a brand new laptop. The prize was funded by Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania and handed to the winner by member of Parliament Rita Tamaszuniene. Every finalists received generous awards funded by numerous sponsors. All participants got a yearly insurance for 30 000 lt funded by the general sponsor of the contest – assurance company „Compensa”. The girls were also given dresses funded by Polish company „DeFacto”, sets of cosmetics, vouchers for clothes, money prizes, movie vouchers, subscription  to „Cosmopolitan” magazine and many other gifts.

Besides traditional competition, this year a few surprises waited for the audience of the „’Kurier Wileńki’ Girl – Polish Miss of Lithuania 2013” contest finale.
A fashion show was one of them. It was the first contest where a fashion show was a part of the programme. Finalists appeared on stage wearing extremely beautiful outfits from the newest collection of known Polish designer Elwira Horosz. The audience could see a true triumph of femininity because the girls looked perfect in the elegant outfits!

A concert of the musical star of Lithuanian stage was the next surprise. Charming Katarzyna Niemyćko ‘infected’ the room with her energetic performance. She wasn’t alone, she brought some frinds with her.

Together with a famous singer Egidijus Sipavicius she sang Maryla Rodowicz song „Wsiąść do pociągu byle jakiego…”. The duo sang in Polish and the audience joined them. The solo performance of Sipavicius didn’t leave anyone indiffrerent either. He performed one of his best known songs „Kaip tave man issaugot”. The ambience got hot when Katarzyna Niemyćko returned on stage together with the band „Pop Ladies”.

„It was one of the most spectacular finales. The whole show lasted over 5 hours but it wasn’t boring. The other way around actually. I would like to see more!” Janina Kiełgun from Vilnius shared her impressions with ‘Kurier’. It was her fourth finale of the „’Kurier Wileński’ Girl – Polish Miss Lithuania 2013” contest. „I have lots of impressions, I will have a lot to tell my husband who sadly couldn’t make it today. I pride on the fact that we have such a contest that unify Poles in Lithuania. Our girls are beautiful, talented, we need to show that!”


Robert Mickiewicz — chief editor of „Kurier Wileński”, head of the jury.
Stanisław Cygnarowski – minister, consul general, director of Consular Department in Polish Embassy in Vilnius
Zofia Andrzejewska – director of a branch of the assurance company „Compensa”.
Zofia Matarewicz — director of „Sofina” company.
Lucyna Kałtan — director„Lisenas” company.
Roma Perepeckiene — magazine „Cosmopolitan”.
Vida Ramaskiene — director of Festival of cinema „Pavasaris-18”.
Mieczysław Subiel — owner of UAB „Karaliskas Tigras”.
Anna Kaczemcewa – director of „Asanta Group” 1 Vice-Miss 2008.
Andrzej Podworski — commercial director of „Kurier Wileński”, organisation manager

Source: http://kurierwilenski.lt/2013/04/15/alicja-dowejkis-dziewczyna-kuriera-wilenskiego-%E2%80%95-miss-polka-litwy-2013-3/

Tłumaczenie Justyna Kaczmarek w ramach praktyk w Europejskiej Fundacji Praw Człowieka, www.efhr.eu. Translated by Justyna Kaczmarek within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu. 

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