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Pop-oratorio “The Divine Mercy” ringed in Ejszyszki and Vilnius

Fot. Teresa Worobiej

Well, it happened. Months of preparation bands on both sides of the Polish-Lithuanian resulted in an impressive, prepared with great verve and precision performance show. It sounded beautiful, clean hymn in honor of Divine Mercy, which is a holiday in the year of our Lord 2013, which was on April 7.

It ringed in Ejszyszki and Vilnius, which the city bears traces of Sister Faustina. Fr Blessed Father Michal Sopocko. Here, for the revelation of Sister Faustina, Eugene Kazimirowski painted a picture of ” Divine Mercy image “. Pop-oratorio “Mercy of God” came to the sources.

Pop-oratory hallowed success in many parts of the world for 10 years, and this time reached the Vilnius region. The inspiration for this work were taken from the text of “Diary” St. Sister Faustina Kowalska. The simplicity and honesty of the media took the creator of pop oratorio – composer, conductor, arranger, pianist Zbigniew Małkowicz.

– Why Sister Faustina? I did not invent it for myself. Looking for music deep religious texts about the spiritual content, I came across the words of prayer “Diary” – there beside the prose of 6 notebooks are also poetic texts. It’s somehow so much appealed to me that I wanted, what I enchanted, the truth to share. Because the beauty of a girl who finished 3rd grade of primary school, there is some great artistic qualities, but the love of beauty, the Lord Jesus. This, I remember, and amazed me 10 years ago I had such a wonderful time I close proximity of sister Faustina, many works arose just in prayer. It seemed to me that it may toss me some hint of … – openly shared with the “courier” secrets of creation oratorio composer Zbigniew Małkowicz.

The concert was attended by various bands of Polish and Lithuanian. Among other things, sacred music family band “Lumen”, which was co-foundedand and led by Zbigniew Małkowicz. His wife and daughter Marzena Małkowicz Alexander are vocalists. Son Michael is a drummer. The husband plays bass guitar Alexandra – Martin Figaj, acoustic guitar – Paulina Wisniewska-Małkowicz, wife of Michael. The composer admits that even in his private life he sees the certificate action of God’s mercy:

– Let me just say that when our album was recorded at Mercy of God, wife, daughter, I – recorded, and the son, who now plays the drums – he fought at that time for his life, he had two operations failed, his life hung in the balance . For many years, it seems to me that Sister Faustina as if he waved his hand to me.

“Unite in one hymn, let voices clean / as sung by the great mercy of God” – a powerful polyphony was carrying a solemn hymn in church vaults. The Holy Spirit in Vilnius, performed by the combined bands.

– Looking at the faces full of joy and enthusiasm, I felt that something unusual is going on – shared his impressions after the concert composer Zbigniew Małkowicz. – At least, I just felt at the root of everything that had happened – after painting “Jesus, I trust in You” – hung there for so many years … A few days ago we were at the nuns, where he lived, priest  Sopoćko … On the streets you could feel the  breath of Sister Faustina, and of the fact that it has been made ​​here to perform – so many hearts, so many people … God’s mercy is revealed also by the people is reflected in the human help, if not for the friendship between a Solecznikami Tarnow Podgórny … it’s not like they are some empty words, but concrete action.

Long-term cooperation between the municipality Turnovo Podgórne of the mayor Tadeusz Chaika at the head of the government and the mayor of Šalčininkai Zdzislaw Palewicz project has resulted in a great concert, and thanks to the efforts of the Cultural Center of Šalčininkai Government and the manageress Grazyna Zaborowska and the Municipal Cultural Centre “Sesame” in Tarnów Podgórny concert took real on the ground calculations in Vilnius.

The concert came too many people outside of Vilnius. You Irene and George Borkowski daughter came to live with Jaszun, distant 30 km from the capital.

– Many times we have heard on TV oratorio “Trwam,” but to hear it live performance – that’s different – they said in unison. – The music penetrates to the heart, it was very moving for us to experience. Especially since, after all very different collectives stood to sing. The need for great talent, so it’s great to play together.

Whether residents of Vilnius can count on the next  beautiful performances?

– The concert is planned, even next year could do it again – says Zbigniew Małkowicz. It may even be able to get to Grodno. As the Lord God willing, we will reach to it.

Source: http://kurierwilenski.lt/2013/04/08/pop-oratorium-milosierdzie-boze-zabrzmialo-w-ejszyszkach-i-wilnie/

Tłumaczenie Katarzyna Dąbrowska w ramach praktyk w Europejskiej Fundacji Praw Człowieka, www.efhr.eu. Translated by Katarzyna Dąbrowska within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu. 

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