• January 11, 2013
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The only international shooting tournament in Lithuania has begun


In the house of Polish Culture the international shooting tournament has begun. For the 18th time the tournament is organized by sports club “Polonia”. The tournament lasts until Sunday.

“Competitors from Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Polish, Ukraine, and a competitor from England- representative of Macabi, are gathering for the tournament. The goal of the tournament was to popularize this sport among the youth, however, as time passed the tournament built up a reputation, and now the representatives of countries gather in Vilnius. In Estonia, this tournament is elimination for the national championships, in Lithuania it is a classification for the national championships, which are held next week. Without any doubt, some of the competitors of the tournament will appear at the European Championships in Denmark.” – said for PL DELFI, Mirosław Leszczewski- a couch of sports club “Polonia”

The coach highlights, that the tournament is the only international competition in Lithuania, that Shooting Sport Federation cannot afford, whereas the sports club “Polonia” can.

“For the 7th time I’ve participated in the competition in Vilnius. Each year we come from Słupsk. The competition is well-organized. I have to admit that the tournament is getting more popular, which can be confirmed by a number of competitors. The tournament in Vilnius is the first in the season and a good test for competitors, this competition is very valuable”- said for PL DELFI, Robert Biczkowski the couch of the team “Lider Amicus (Lębork)” from Poland

This is an Olympic competition. Competitors shoot from guns and airguns from a distance of 10 meters. This distance allows the competition to be organized in the house of Polish Culture. A great advantage is that we have everything here: accommodation, meals and a shooting range” – explained Leszczewski

On the shooting range in the house of Polish Culture, in 2009, a shooter of “Alytus Karolis Girulis” set a record of Lithuania – 589 points, which has not yet been broken. Last year the special guests during the competition were Olympic champion from Seoul, and a Pole Irina Sziłowa from Grodno.

Source: http://pl.delfi.lt/kultura/kultura/rozpoczal-sie-jedyny-na-litwie-miedzynarodowy-turniej-strzelecki.d?id=60407895

Tłumaczenie Jacek Malatyński w ramach praktyk w Europejskiej Fundacji Praw Człowieka, www.efhr.eu. Translated by Jacek Malatyński the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu. 

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