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Jerzy Bahr was decorated with Lithuanian Star of Diplomacy

Former Polish ambassador in Lithuania, Jerzy Bahr received Lithuanian Star of Diplomacy from the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Polish diplomat was distinguished by his contribution to strengthening the… Read more »

Jerzy Bahr receives Lithuanian Star of Diplomacy

Last Monday, in the embassy of the Republic of Lithuania, former Polish ambassador in the country, Jerzy Bahr was given Lithuanian Star of Diplomacy, an honourable distinction of the Lithuanian… Read more »

The charity concert „Piłsudski’s memory is calling!”

I always spend Christmas with my family, Ewelina Saszenko, a well-known Polish singer from Lithuania, told PL DELFI.On New Year’s Day I will perform two concerts at the Vilnius Town… Read more »

Participants of a Lithuanian-Polish seminar visited Wędziagoła

For the first time the Lithuanian-Polish seminar on ‘Endless reconstruction of nations throughout the Grand Duchy of Lithuania’ was organized in Lithuania. The meeting lasted for a week and took… Read more »

Wilczewski: One cannot be too careful.

From the Polish point of view, the new Lithuanian government is unique because for the first time in history a representative of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania became… Read more »

Rożanowski: Today Mickiewicz would post his poems on Facebook and write in Vilnius language. New photos of “…because it is fun with us” campaign.

“If one can put photos of naked women on the Internet, then why we cannot put poems there?” says the poet Jan Rożanowski. His debut volume was presented on Saturday… Read more »

The Katyn Stone unveiling

On December 17 this year the school community of Adam Mickiewicz Gymnasium in Vilnius unveiled the Katyn stone under the oak planted to commemorate the officer murdered in Katyn.  On… Read more »

The Christmas Eve of the Great Family of Poles

The Christmas wafer sharing is an ideal opportunity for reconciliation. The Christmas wafer symbolizes the bond, peace and kindness. Although it is thin and fragile, it wields an enormous power… Read more »

The Katyn Stone unveiling

The monument commemorating the lieutenant-colonel Bronisław Hołub murdered in Katyn was unveiled by his daughter Halina Kalwajt and the headmaster of Adam Mickiewicz Gymnasium in Vilnius Czesław Dawidowicz. Photo: the… Read more »

Read in the newspaper: about the best choice

New government was pledged. With no doubts there is not even one political commentator or expert who would have good opinion about ministers who were confirmed in not very nice… Read more »

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