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The charity concert „Piłsudski’s memory is calling!”

fot. Ryszard Rotkiewicz

I always spend Christmas with my family, Ewelina Saszenko, a well-known Polish singer from Lithuania, told PL DELFI.On New Year’s Day I will perform two concerts at the Vilnius Town Hall, the singer informed. 

“Are asking me to mock at my longer stay in Vilnius?” – with the words of the poet Aleksander Śnieżko the charity concert under the title “Piłsudski’s memory is calling” was commenced by Witold Rudzianiec.

In 2010, took place the first edition of the charity concert “Piłsudski’s memory is calling”. The money gathered during the event was devoted to the rebuilding of the memory park in Zulów. By the means of 20 000 euro, the Polish Association in Lithuania was able to demolish the farms inherited after the soviet kolkhozy of collective farming, and to remove the concrete foundations built after 1945 in the place of the former Zulawski property. – explained Edward Trusewicz, assistant secretary in the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture, and secretary of the Polish Association in Lithuania, who directed the concert.

In the concert there were present famous Polish singer of Lithuania as well as the not-less-prominent folk bands. It was begun with the performance of Ewelina Saszenko, who represented Lithuania during the Eurovision Song Contest, then Katarzyna Niemyćko sang the song “Taki kraj”,  which momentum was continued by Kapela Wileńska. The ballad under the title “Ballada o Miejszagole” was performed by the group “Miejszagolanki”. In the concert, we could also observe the opera singer Maciek Nerkowski, the Solecznikowski District mayor’s son, Zdzisław Palewicz, and also the choirs of the groups Zgoda and Wileńszczyzna.

One of the major aims of the concert is to get the means needed for the building of a national memory park. We plan to open it in five years – on the 150th anniversary of the Marshal’s birth.

The secretary of the Polish Association in Lithuania highlighted that regardless of the distanced stance of the Polish government he believes in the cause. We hope that the memory of the man who gave to Poland freedom, power and respect, and determined its boundaries, lives on not only in the Poles from Lithuania, but also in every other place where there are Polish hearts beating. – with these words Trusewicz closed the concert.

The organizer of the event is the Polish Association in Lithuania, and the money gathered during it’s broadcasting on TVP Polonia will be spend on the renewal of the Piłsudski’s birth place in Zulów to give it a proper shape. The concert is going to be broadcast by TVP Polonia on December 28.

Source: http://pl.delfi.lt/kultura/kultura/koncert-charytatywny-pilsudski-pamiecia-przyzywa.d?id=60249103#

Tłumaczenie Emil Iracki w ramach praktyk w Europejskiej Fundacji Praw Człowieka, www.efhr.eu. Translated by Emil Iracki the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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