Third Marothon of Vilnius to honors of blessed Pope John Paul the second and Anna

Ninety – two runners participated in the third marathon of hope in Vilnius. Forty people escorted as trainers, teachers, organizators and sympathizer. The idea of raising the kids throughout the
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Catholic Church in Vilnius: Vilnius bishopric (since 1925 archdiocese)

Vilnius Catholic diocese was established from the initiative of  king Jogaila Algirdaitis by pope Urbanus IV (1318-1389) though Romanus pontifex papal edict (12 March 1388) as a bishopric making up
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Fall in love with Wersoka: the little yet big world

The white palace on Wersoka attracts with the buzz of voices from morning till afternoon. With children’s voices in the daytime which are interspersed with the voices of adults in
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