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Third Marothon of Vilnius to honors of blessed Pope John Paul the second and Anna Krepsztul

It is easy to encourage the youth to start jogging, it’s harder to do the same with the presidents of some schools. Photo. From archives.

Ninety – two runners participated in the third marathon of hope in Vilnius. Forty people escorted as trainers, teachers, organizators and sympathizer.

The idea of raising the kids throughout the sport and faith checks perfectly among our youths. Young people are starting with more courage in the marathons. This years’ marathon had the most amount of participants, even though the decision about the organization of the marathon had its place seven days before the planned start. Adults and the teachers of physical education chastised about organizing the this year’s marathon. Organizing the marathon made me happy and with the feeling of God’s help and youths from scouts of Vilnius dedicated to Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn I had the feeling that it is possible to organize it. Of course this marathon would not have a chance to be organized without patronages of the event such the event needs a lot of absorption. We would like to say special thanks to the leader of EAPL – Mr. Waldemar Tomaszewski, and to the mayor of the Vilnius district Mrs. Maria Reksc, and the mayor of the Šalčininkai district Mr. Zdzislaw Palewicz.

On the Day of inauguration of the Faith’s Year there was a deep desire, that marathon is going to happen.  The faith’s year was opened by a holy mass which was officiate by Pope the Benedict XVI in Rome on October 11th. We had a big determination that everyone who was a part of the marathon could feel what is it to be a believer and be happy being a part of the church. Also, we wanted people to copy great persons which are the patronages of the third Vilnius Marathon: Blessed John Paul the second  and Anna Krepsztul – a painter from Taboryszek who died 5 years age. We wanted to celebrate a memory about her.

It is easy to encourage the youth to start jogging, it’s harder to do the same with the presidents of some schools. It is a fact that an athletics as a queen of sports is treated not seriously and sometimes a lot of the people are treating it ironically. In my opinion I cannot imagine any discipline of the sport without any preparation in a form of running. The jogging has to be treated as a part of being healthy. When I think about the Old people who are able to walk on the peregrination 40 kms a day and the young people are afraid of running 7,2 kms or that in our school no one is running I scream that it is a sick situation that it is a catastrophe dear parents and teachers. We want to run with whole families so the feeling of the happiness will make us forget about the pain and the sad reality. A sound of mind in a sound of body. We do not have to wait for the long time Or  until the doctor will say it’s time to move around . I hope that the mentality of the people about the sports will reborn again. And it will be popular to move and spend the free time active and we will regenerate our body and mind. I can suggest to live with pray and friendship with God and the Mary. Thankfully to that your heart and life will be fulfilled with better world.

The run of the marathoners on the distance of 21,5 started in the castle in Miedniki Krolewskie where was staying  Holyy Kazimerz Jagielonczyk the patronage of the youths and Lithuania, through Turgiele and Finishing in Taboryszki. Good weather and interesting trail, a lot of different  paving made the competition more interested in every minute of the run. On a scope of the marathon two first winners were from the sport school form the Vilnius region and a third winners was a brave sympathizer of the marathons from Skojdzisek:

I place: Mirosław Błoszto (1995 year.) with time1.27.28.16
place: Radosław Aleksandrow (1996 r.)
place: Edward Jundo (1973 r.)

First place among women got Renata Siluk from Solecznik with time

The rum of the mini- marathon on the distance of 7,2 started at 11:00 from the church in Turgielachy. The youths prayed before the run. The praise connected them in mind with Rome where at that time the hole mass has been starting. The mass was officiated by the Pope Benedict XVI.  At the beginning of the marathon the atmosphere was admirable. Everyone was ready to fight for the victory. During the marathon scouts helped the marathoners with drinks, bananas and raisins. Really hard pace was made by the Lithuanian group to the Polish ones. Despite the fact of big differences in ages of the marathoners brave boys from the school of sports with the director of Marian Kaczanowski were fighting to the end and wanted to get a place on the podium. Also, girls from different schools were fighting, on the scope of the marathon the doping of the audience made them finish the run. The most runners came from the schools of Vilnius District : dedicated to . holy. U. Ledóchowska from Czarny Bor, dedicated to . E. Plater from Ławaryszek, dedicated St. Moniuszki from  Kowalczuk, dedicated. F. Ruszczyca from Rudomi, from  Szumsk, Mickun, from the VilnusfromGymnazjum dedicated to. . A. Mickiewicz, Dedicated to. John Paul the II, Dedicated to. Szymon Konarski and from the district of Šalčininkai districtfrom schools. Dedicated to the . priest. P. Brzostowski from Turgieland from the school of sports of self-govermnt of Vilnius and from lithuanian clubs

The winners from the common start (open)


I Place: KasparasŠaikus (1990 year.) — VilniausUniv. time. 28.19,08
place: Denis Sawickij (1995 year.) — school of sports in Vinus Distric. time. 28.35,48
Place: AivarasBulnis (1995 r.) — Vilnius time. 30.05,95


I place: Bożena Naruszewicz (1996 year.) — school of sports in Vinus Distric time. 33.28,15
place: Wiktoria Dudzień (1995 year.) — Kowalczuki
place: Helena Trusulewicz (1994 year.) — school of sports in Vinus Distric

The winners of the group of ages date of birth 2000-2002

I place: Jaroslav Jaskevič (2000 year.) — Szumsk
place: RobertasIvickis (2000 year.) — Czarny Bór
palce: Miroslav Filistovič (2002 year.) — Czarny Bór

I palce: Karolina Stasiuke (2000 year.) — Czarny Bór
place: Małgorzata Antożewicz (2002 year.) — Czarny Bór

The winners of the group of ages date of birth 1998-1999:

I place: Darius Križanovskij (1998 year.) — Szumsk
place : EdvardKatušonok (1999 year.) — Szumsk
place : Edwin Dawidzionok (1998 year.) — Rudomino

I place: Greta Paszkiewicz (1998 year.) — Mickuny
place: Justyna Paliczuk (1998 year.) — Wilno
place: JulijaStaniulut (1998 year.) — Wilno

The winners of the group of ages date of birth 1996-1997:

I place: Krzysztof Kuleszo (1996 year.) — Szk school of sports in Vinus Distric
place: Hubert Ponsevičius (1996 year.) — school of sports in Vinus Distric

III place Albert Werkowski (1996 year.) — Ławaryszki

I place: Bożena Naruszewicz (1996 year.) school of sports in Vinus Distric

II Place: ViktorijaIvickytė (1997 year.) — Czarny Bór
place: Inga Korvel (1997 year. — Szumsk

The winners of the group of ages date of birth 1994-1995:
place: Denis Sawickij (1995 year.) — school of sports in Vinus Distric
place: AivarasBulnis (1995 year.) — Wilno
place: Kajus Markevičius (1994 year.) — Turgiele

I place: Dudzień Wiktoria (1995 year.) — Kowalczuki
place: Helena Trusulewicz (1994 year r.) — school of sports in Vinus Distric

III place: Justyna Maszkaro (1995 year.) — Ławaryszki

The Oldest winners:
KasparasŠaikus (1990
year.) — time. 28.19,08
Dariusz Stańczyk (1961
year.) — time. 44.13,83

In Taboryszki in front of the museum of Anna Krepsztul was read officially a list of the winners and the medals and pots were given also the money rewards were given to the best. The rewards were given with sympathy and with congratulation by Zdzisław Palweicz – the mayor of the the Šalčininkai district, Danuta Moloczko-Krepsztu – sister of the painter and director of the museum Priest Dariusz Stanczyk the organizer and the originator. The marathoners and the guards got information about the life of Anna Krepsztil, saw her pictures and visited the cemetery. It is very pitiful that there are still thanks for the marathon and the prayers. Everyone should get blessed for the pain and the commitments. I would like to thank to our patronage form EAPL and to the scouts for the work they made. I hope that blessed John Paul the second will still unite us for the good of the church and the country.

Source: http://kurierwilenski.lt/2012/10/19/iii-wilenski-maraton-nadziei-ku-czci-bl-jana-pawla-ii-i-anny-krepsztul/

Tłumaczenie Karolina Przybyło w ramach praktyk w Europejskiej Fundacji Praw Człowieka, www.efhr.eu. Translated by Karolina Przybyło the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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