Niewierowicz: We share similar views

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Jarosław Niewierowicz, a candidate of Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania [Polish: Akcja Wyborcza Polaków na Litwie; AWPL] for the Ministry of Energy, met with President Dalia Grybauskaite. Niewierowicz said that they shared similar views concerning the energy policy. 

“I think that I have a certain vision that seems to be similar to the President’s vision (…). Our conversation went successfully and I think we share similar views.” Niewierowicz said after the meeting. The candidate did not want to comment on the issue of the new nuclear power station in Visaginas.

“I presented five priority issues which, in my opinion, should be implemented. In the energy sector they are “LitPolLink”, “NordBalt” project (an energy bridge with Poland and Sweden), reanalysis of the project concerning the building of the new nuclear power station. In the gas sector it is the building of the terminal in Klaipėda. This project has to be finished as quick as possible. We are going to invest in the gas connection with Poland.” said the candidate.

Jarosław Niewierowicz is an economist by profession. Between 2006 and 2008 he performed the function of a vice-minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania. Since 2008 he has been a president of “LitPolLink” company which focuses on the building of the energy bridge between Lithuania and Poland.


Tłumaczenie Karolina Rolka w ramach praktyk w Europejskiej Fundacji Praw Człowieka, Translated by Karolina Rolka the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights,

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