• May 9, 2018
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Polish TV programs already in Lithuania

In Lithuania you can already watch 5 television programs in Polish. The ceremonial inauguration of Polish TV broadcasting was made on Wednesday by Prime Minister RL Saulius Skvernelis and Polish ambassador in Lithuania Urszula Doroszewska.

– We believe that it is necessary to provide residents of south-eastern Lithuania with the opportunity to watch television, information and entertainment programs in their native language. I have no doubt that our citizens will more often choose new channels, in addition to Lithuanian television, than watch channels dominated by anti-Lithuanian, anti-Polish and anti-state propaganda – said the Lithuanian prime minister during the ceremony.

On Wednesday, May 9, the retransmission of Polish TV stations TVP Info, TVP Polonia, TVP Historia, Nuta.TV and Power TV began, the recipients of which will be residents of the Vilnius, Solecznica and Swiecia region. The ceremonial inauguration of the broadcast took place at the TV Tower in Vilnius.

– In these difficult times, it is extremely important to provide our citizens with objective information. The information war, propaganda, spreading lies are a great challenge for a number of democratic countries today. For each of the countries, it is extremely important to ensure the widest possible field of objective information and I am glad that Lithuania has chosen the right path – said Saulius Skvernialis.

– We still live in the atmosphere of May 3, which Poland and Lithuania celebrated together this year. This is an example of the great achievement of democracy in building the state, it has been shown to the world that Poles and Lithuanians can do a lot together. I am glad that this time we have also created a key project for good relations. It will improve mutual understanding and strengthen the stability of our two countries in this difficult and threatening world. I am particularly glad that Poles living in Lithuania will have the opportunity to contact information in Polish, they will have access to the entire spectrum of popular and high culture offered by Warsaw – said Urszula Doroszewska, the Polish ambassador in Lithuania during the ceremony.

Clayton Reklewski Louis-Jean represented the TVP board during the celebrations

– We have great hopes for this project, we would like it to be the beginning of a broader cooperation that will be based on mutual respect, will be built on foundations that are close to both the Polish and Lithuanian people. For me, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth has always been a great project, even today it can be a successful example of what can be done for the European Union – said Clayton Reklewski Louis-Jean, who represented the board of TVP during the ceremony.

– I must emphasize that the first step in this matter was taken by Lithuanians, with whom we had the first talks a year ago. At that time they did a really huge job, convinced all state institutions that it would be a project that builds, not blows up.

This is also the position of the TVP board. We are such an intercolector to strengthen the Polish soul here, but at the same time treat Poles living in Lithuania as an integral part of Lithuanian society – explains TVP representative.

The ceremonial inauguration of Polish TV broadcasting was made on Wednesday by Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis and Polish ambassador in Lithuania Urszula Doroszewska.

The fact that the Lithuanian side cares about the success of the project is best evidenced by the fact that Lithuania bears the costs associated with retransmission. Allowing Poles to watch programs in their native language is expected to cost around 350,000 a year. euro. Both the Lithuanian prime minister and representatives of the TVP board clearly say that the 5 channels that we can now watch in Lithuania are just the beginning. A number of factors influence the offer’s extension. Of course, the most important among them is viewership, hence one can basically say that the future of Polish television in Lithuania lies primarily in the hands of the Polish minority. There are no obstacles for the offer to expand, although for both the Polish and Lithuanian sides, this is a huge challenge.

– The public broadcaster always listens to the people. If there are voices from our Lithuanian partners, from Poles in Lithuania, that these programs are worth it, and that our cooperation should be expanded, I am convinced that the TVP management board will take this into account and we will continue these activities – he assured in conversation with “Courier Wileński ”Clayton Reklewski Louis-Jean.

– I hope that the offer prepared by Poland will be a sufficient incentive for viewers in Lithuania. However, it is definitely worth promoting Polish television today, which is just entering the Lithuanian market. Polish schools, social organizations and finally the media can do a lot in this matter – Ambassador Urszula Doroszewska told Kurier Wileński.

No additional equipment is needed to receive Polish television in the Vilnius, Šalčininkai and Svetinsky regions. Instead, you need to rescan the TV channels and save new Polish programs.


Translated by Oskar Pytka within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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